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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Defunking day by day

15th February 2018
Always remember to be kind, be fair, be honest, be true and all of these things will come back to you.

Well I was impressed last night, despite it being Valentine’s Day, my members showed up, they may not have all stayed for the meeting talk because they were wining and dining but that’s okay, another 5 stone shed on the scales shows you can indulge and lose weight.  The first two members I weighed last night were convinced they weren’t going to lose weight, one told me she didn’t want me to tell her, just to write it down and she would look when she got home, so when she got on the scales, I said “let me tell you”, she was “No”, I’m teased and she asked “is it really bad, I don’t want to know”, I said “yeah it’s dreadful, you’ve lost a pound!”  Both of them had lost a pound which shows being a little bit bad, when you’re good the rest of the time can balance out.  I loved the line said by the other lady, she said, ‘You’ve done all that walking, made your tache sweat” and that set the premise for the evening, more losers than they expected, which always pleases me!

I had a good day, got carried away in my crochet on the afternoon for a couple of house, need to take that time out for me.  Foodwise, ate the other half of my Frittata from the day before, for lunch I got so engrossed in my crochet the time flew, so when I remembered I cooked some sweet chilli chicken and had it in a wrap, put the rest up for my tea with salad and another couple of wraps, the skinny ones are only 3sp, do the job they do.  I also ate an apple, banana and a few grapes – this healthy is getting serious.

I’m not giving anything up for lent, I’m taking it up, I plan to eat fruit, I intend to eat at least one piece of fruit a day, going to try and form me a new habit.    Ooo today’s defunk challenge is Day 6 – 15th Feb – Get rid of 3 things I never use.  Now that’s gonna take some thought, probably should’ve done that before now, I got rid of so much last year that there’s not much left to loser but there’s still stuff, books are the obvious things, there’s a bed coat someone gave me for mom she’s never worn, that’s sitting in a cupboard screaming charity shop.  Yeah I reckon I can lose more than 3 things this afternoon, I’ll take half hour for a mooch, might even start my self-care basket at the same time.  I like having less in my house it makes tidying up easier, house is still untidy but with less stuff.

When I got home last night there was no heating again, no hot water and the wetroom floor appeared to have all the water out the pipes one it - YAY!  I think a pipe is leaking but I’m not sure, my bro will come after work to sort it I’m sure – happy days.  Good job I’m back in a happy place, yeah I’m back to good again, I’m hoping it’s here to stay and my hormones won’t kick in and mess me up again, until I have a full month of good, I won’t be certain, but yesterday was day 13 on my monthly cycle and that’s usually when my mood drops so fingers crossed, taking care of me by taking time out for me to do the things I like to do, hydrating more, eating fruit, cutting out the crap, cutting down on the bread, eating good meals, oh and as much as I hate to admit it, tidying up my surroundings have all gone towards making my mood lift and me feel better.  Actually on of the things that’s helped me more than anything were a couple of good chats with my bestie and me deciding to do something, to get myself some support and prioritise my self-care.  I don’t need a break, I need to find a way to make my life work as it is now – we all need to do that. 
Right time to get on with today, food wise, I’ve got a whole BBQ chicken that I’m going to throw in the slow cooker I think, I had a couple of sirloin steaks off my butcher man – two for a fiver – you can’t go wrong at that, my Valentine can be Alfie, I’ll share with him, he can have the fat and some of the meat and I’ll have the rest, be nice with egg and chips, mmm could eat that now but I won’t, I’ll settle for egg and mushrooms for breakfast if I have to time, if not I’ll make another frittata to go, busy long day today, need to stay in control.

Oh yesterday’s blog recipe, there was a typo, I’ve amended it now, it was 2 large lemons and 4 eggs, not 2 large eggs and 4 eggs!

Here’s to another great day BeYOUtiful people, take 10 minutes for yourself, no matter how busy you are, I’ll leave this house for work at 7.30 this morning and I won’t finish work and get home until about 8 tonight but I have just took time out to blog, it’s something I enjoy doing, plus I’ll have me half hour at lunch time.  We can fit it all in and if we can’t it doesn’t matter!

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