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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Bit nippy ain't it!

6th February 2018
It’s all about find calm in the chaos
Yesterday we had pie!  Mmm, I’m not a big fan of pastry if I’m honest but I’d seen that Nat had cooked on and it looked good and I do like a bit of puff pastry so that was my mission.  I bought a Jus Rol sheet of puff pastry 46SP, you can get a low fat version but they hadn’t got it when I went, that’s 38 for the roll.  I made chicken breast, leek and mushroom flavour, used a tin of mushroom soup for the sauce.  Now I used Campbell’s condensed, but I’m not sure about the Smart Points, they are either 9SP for the can or 9SP for half the can!  I’ve emailed them for clarification, let’s hope they reply. The label it gives the nutritional info 'as served' for 100g and 295g, but doesn’t say if this is this after you've added water as per directions or before, so it could be per serving or per can.  Let’s hope they respond as this makes a huge difference to the Smart Points in the can.  Play safe and use Heinz mushroom soup for 7 I guess.  I cooked the ingredients first, then added the lid and put it in the oven for about 25 minutes on gas mark 7.  Now how good it is on points does depend on how many you serve with it, the pastry box says a serving is 50g which would be 7sp, but if you just cut it in 4, then a quarter of the box is 11/12sp.  We probably had a 5th of it.

Oh ma’an just looked out the window and see we’ve had a bit of snow – boo!  I can’t say I’m impressed there, but on a positive I remembered to take the convector heater out of moms room when she went to bed last night, so I’ve got it turned on, on the landing and the gas fire on downstairs – yay our bills gonna be an epic on this month but at least we won’t be frozen.  It doesn’t look deep and hopefully we won’t have more but we’ll take it in our stride I guess.

I can’t concentrate, I’m trying to build up the courage to go shower, yes the water in the crap electric shower will be warm but the environment around it won’t be, oh ma’an I miss my warm house, I’m smiling though – honest.

I’ve just found a website, https://pulses.org/nap/half-cup-habit/ I like what it’s suggesting, they want people to add half cup of pulses to your meals.  Great idea,
The Half-Cup Habit makes it simple to add the recommended 1 ½ cups of pulses per week* (or ½ cup three times per week) to your diet. Packed with protein, fiber and nutrients, eating pulses can help you maintain a healthy weight and improve overall wellbeing.

Now black beans were my meeting theme last week, but I’ll have a play with lentils this week I think.  There are lots of recipes on their website.  One suggests adding cooked lentils to a frittata – that would work!

Anyway, I’m off to brave the shower, it’s snowing again too – can this day get any better lol!  Yeah course it can, I’m off to see my lovely members, I’ve got leftover pie, what more can you want in the world.

Have a safe day in the snow BeYOUtiful, take care of you xx

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