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Saturday, 3 February 2018

In a hurry...

3rd February 2018
When you can’t find the sunshine – be the sunshine

Gotta keep it short this morning as too much to do before I leave, it’s been fun cooking in the meetings all week but it’s added extra time and work onto what already is a crazy busy time of year. I’m looking forward to doing nothing tomorrow I can tell ya!

Meals were simple yesterday, egg toastie for breakfast, lemon and dill salmon, rice and peas for dinner and for my tea I had a tin of Weight Watchers soup, everyone’s said it’s good and oh my word they weren’t wrong, I didn’t think it would be anything like Heinz tomato soup – but it is and because it’s so low in Smart Points I could have some bread and spread with it – happy days.

I’ve also made a cheese and potato pie for today’s dinner – prepared ain’t I!  I know it’s not the lightest meal going but the Cathedral city lighter cheese has been in my fridge since Christmas and it was doing to turn into something else if I didn’t use it.  I used the entire 350g block which was 38sp, plus potatoes another 12sp, that’s still only 50SP total and I’ve easily got 5 portions from it, 10sp for cheese and potato pie – bargain!  I used my potato ricer to mash the potatoes and that way it doesn’t need any milk or marg, just a little salt maybe.

Another busy day ahead of me, hoping to get my Roman Blinds put up today if I can remember the instructions or my kitchen man can work it out.  Never give me technical instructions – they just go straight in and out of my head these day.  Middle-aged memory fog is a nightmare, I’m sure that’s what it is, I go to say a work like car and say kitchen, this peri-menopause is exhausting I can tell ya. And if you’re a middle-aged or older woman, you’ll probably already know because you’re living it or have done it.

My house needs a serious tidy, the floor needs a good hoover and mop, my bedroom too but it’s not happening today or tomorrow, I plan to sit and stay once I’ve done everything that needs to be done.  Apart from walking the dog, I don’t plan anything energetic.  I’m meeting up with my bestie later to give her a little birthday gift so may nip to Waitrose in Lichfield and treat myself to some posh ready-made food so I don’t even have to cook tomorrow.  Although I’ll probably be recharged come morning.

Now what to have for breakfast?  It’s gotta be good old eggs ain’t it, I might go scrambled though.  And if that’s the hardest decision I have to make today – I’ll be one very, happy, grateful lady.

Now, that’s it from me, much to do, places to be, members to weigh and laughs to be had. 

Enjoy your day BeYOUtiful, I will.

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