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Friday, 16 February 2018

Already handing out certificates to this years joiners

16th February 2018
Laugh loudly, laugh often and more importantly laugh at yourself.

Woke up sooner than I wanted to this morning, but sleep evaded me so I obviously was meant to be awake, probably a good job because I thought I could smell something and I could, I’d left the slow cooker on low all night – oops!  It survived and looks might fine to be fair, a whole BBQ chicken, thank you Penn Road Butchers.

Another excellent day in meetings yesterday, handed out lots of stone and 5% certificates to people who joined the meeting in January, yeah just over a month to make a difference.  Remember it take 4 weeks for you to notice, 8 weeks for family and friends, 12 weeks for the rest of the world and one 1 moment for you to decide to do it!  I also handed out a couple of 50lb certificates proving if you keep going the results keep happening.

Anyway, I’ve got us a challenge, I have a lovely girl come to my meeting with her mom on a Thursday night and together we’re trying to get a bit healthier, so this week we’ve agreed to make a list of all the different fruit and vegetables we eat and we’re going to try and eat as many different ones as we possibly can.  Do you fancy joining us?  Mine yesterday were;

Butternut squash

I can see I’ll be needing to get me some fruit and veg in, maybe eat me a salad or stir fry over the coming week.   Eight’s a good start though and a piece of fruit is progress for me, I’ve eaten a piece every day for 5 days now - progress. 

Water’s the other thing I’m increasing, instead of automatically popping the kettle on, I’ve pouring me a pint of water now and again, it’s all about tweaking the habits and improving my health.

Already on day 7 of my refocus challenge, today’s is;

Day 7 – 16th Feb – Tidy my desk

I started the other day but there’s still more to do, if I get the enthusiasm up I could stretch it to my office but to be honest I want to do my crocheting and the sorting of the drawers can wait!  I could take a drawer at a time outside when the weather warms up and enjoy the sunshine whilst sorting.

BBQ chicken for lunch today then, I think I will nip over the co-op and buy some salad, one of my members last night said when her shopping delivery arrives she chops all her salad up into a big tub and that encourages her to eat it throughout the week and it does keep chopped up longer than you think it would.

I’ve also got some sweet potato fries in the fridge, they were the side from my meal deal, that’ll add to my list of fruits and veggies, ooo chicken and chips with a side salad – sorted. 

Then I have a pizza for my tea that Nat picked me up from Asda, Diane had posted it in our group and Nat knew I’d want one, how great are people that just do stuff and don’t wait to be asked!  Anyway the pizza is 11sp – bargain, Asda Aexta Special hand stretched sunblush tomato and Italian mascarpone pizza.  Apparently the chicken one is 12sp.  I do love a pizza that doesn’t rob me of my entire days allowance.

Right I’m awake now, yawning but awake, listening to Jo Whiley & Liam Gallagher on the radio playback, he’s just hit the nail on the head saying kids has too much stuff, it’s true, we all do, there’s too much stuff, too much choice, less is best in my world these days, less to think about too then.

Okay here’s to another good day, I’m going to go get me some different fruit, I have a tin of mandarin oranges in the cupboard I think, might have a change of breakfast today, fruit and yogurt instead of my dry fry up.   Whatever you’re eating, enjoy it BeYOUtiful, stay healthy and happy.

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