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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Oh so glad it's Saturday

24th February 2018
There is nothing in nature that blooms all year long, so don’t expect yourself to do so either.

Morning, well I woke just after 4, lay there and thought, get up, start your day, make the most of it – so I did.  I’ve already done half hour of paperwork and downloaded a course I’d never got round to finishing after I bought it last year, now to actually do the course.

I had a lovely few hours to myself yesterday morning, walk round Lichfield followed by a massage, I was going to go to Waitrose afterwards but decided instead to go home and have a couple of hours with mom before work and I can do my shopping online over the weekend whilst I’m sat in the living room.  I was only going to Waitrose because of a coupon, I’d have probably ended up buying stuff I don’t need.

Upstairs cleansing is on the cards this weekend, everywhere needs a good hoover, tidy and polish.  My clothes have gravitated to the floor instead of the wardrobes and my gorgeous bedroom is at the moment a bit of a state.

Me and Alfie enjoyed a brisk walk, he’s a funny little character, just plonks himself down and decides ‘okay, we’re going to sit and watch the world go buy for a bit’, you can’t budge him, for a little one, he’s strong and stubborn.  I like that about him!

Foodwise, I enjoyed a turkey donor kebab on a ciabatta roll, then for tea I had salmon, mash and veg – I love mash, I also like to buy it ready-made, saves so much hassle and time when you’re busy, the veg was ready chopped to which meant I had a meal in under 10 minutes, I ate more fruit and veg and salad yesterday than I probably had all week.

I’ve done a lot of thinking this week, head wise, I feel so much better than I have for a long time, I’m one for action, for doing not thinking but in order for me to decide what needs to be done, I’ve had to process things and work out what I wanted.  I think I’m getting there.  I loved spending time with mom yesterday, when I’m relaxed, - I’m more patient, when I’m not tired - I’m more patient, when I’m not busy – I’m more patient, what you can see from that is I need more patience to deal with the Alzheimer’s at this moment in time, that way I get to still enjoy the time I have with mom, which means I need to be not so busy, not so tired and relaxed.  I’m working on it, hence the thinking.

Anyway, I’m talking in riddles because I don’t want to type it yet, I’ve got a meeting to get too and things to do before I go, yesterday’s breakfast was strawberries and Greek 0% yogurt with a bit of agave syrup, it was alright but I wouldn’t say I loved it, thing is we don’t have to ‘love’ everything we eat, it’s called being a grown up, eating it because it’s good for us, thankfully I don’t have to be one this morning as I don’t have any strawberries left, I will try to stop at the fruit and veg shop on the way to work though and get some apples and bananas, the strawberries need to wait till summer when they actually taste good.

Here’s to a healthy day BeYOUtiful, taking time out to enjoy life and your loved ones.  

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