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Monday, 12 February 2018

Another day, do it your way!

12th February 2018
No matter how good or bad your life is, wake up each morning and be thankful you still have one.

Snow ay - that can do one!  Well I had a lovely day yesterday, I walked the dog whilst chatting to my bestie, we had a real giggle on the phone, when someone knows you that well, they know exactly the right things to say and are just the right level or twisted.  When I got back mom was still in bed and showing no signs of getting up so I enjoyed a long, hot bath with my audio book, it was so good, I couldn’t stop listening so my book took up all that housework time I’ll planned – oops!  We spend all afternoon watched Lethal Weapon together, we’re both enjoying that so food was simple, we shared a sandwich from Tesco which I didn’t eat the day before and I had a jacket potato for tea – cooked in the oven, I haven’t don’t that for so long, it was delicious, 11sp for the spud alone, anyone who was in my meeting last week knows the spud!

Today’s challenge is easy;
Day 3 – 12th Feb – Journal 10 things I’m grateful for
  1. My tribe – the people in my life that I love and love me right back, too many to mention, yes I have my besties and my family but there are other people I’ve met over the years through Weight Watchers who are special and precious to me.  People who I have a special bond with.  Yep grateful for all of them and blessed to know them.
  2. My house, I’m thankful that it’s mine, that it’s paid for and that I’ve got a roof over my head.
  3. Heating and hot water!  Oh yeah, you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone, isn’t that what they say, well they are right!
  4. Alfie – he’s a nightmare, he does my head in most of the time but he’s my dog and I love him.
  5. My car – I couldn’t get to work without it.
  6. The food in my cupboards, yep we constantly battle to lose weight and resist food but without it, we’d be in trouble.  Now to make sure that food is nothing but healthy this week.
  7. My struggles – without them, I wouldn’t appreciate the good times.
  8. My strength – I’m glad I was born me, I cope but I will also admit when I’m struggling, that’s real strength.
  9. My phone – it keeps me in touch with the outside world whenever I want to be.
  10. My wages – they enable me to do things that make my life better, things like afford to buy bird seed and squirrel nuts, I get a great deal of pleasure watching those creatures eating from the table.  One stop on my table last night in the snow eating as much as he could whilst he could knowing he may be snowed in by morning.  Yeah I’m blessed to be able to afford extra luxuries, not everyone can.

See, that’s so easy, if only staying on track was as easy.  However, I know I’ve slipped back into bad habits which means if I start putting good habits into place one at a time, I’ll get back to where I was before.  Change is a challenge, where do you start?  With one habit, one step at a time and we repeat over and over until it becomes our norm.

I’m starting with the big glass of water each morning and a good healthy breakfast of eggs, they have always been my go to breakfast even before Flex, I like em cooked any way, omelette, dry fried, poached, scrambled, they all work.  Add a veg or two with them and it’s a good balanced breakfast, this morning I think scrambled with mushrooms and tinned tomatoes, mmm. 

I’m going to make chicken in honey and mustard sauce, now the sauce is 20sp for the jar which is ridiculous but if the chicken is zero and it’s split 4 ways then 5sp with another 5sp of rice ain’t so bad and it will be delicious.   Actually I think it’ll be better with mash and veg, nice.

My other meal?  A tin of Weight Watcher tomato soup for 1sp I think with a chicken breast sausage sarnie, yep if I don’t have loads of bread with my breakfast, I can have it with my lunch.

My tracker will look like this then.

Scrambled egg, tomatoes, mushrooms

Chicken in honey and mustard (5sp)
Mash potato (4sp)

Total 9sp

WW soup (1sp)
Bread (3sp)
Sausage (1sp)

Total (5sp)

Skimmed milk in tea (1/3rd pint) (2sp)

Total 16SP

That means I can rollover 4sp and still have 3 to play with.

See it works when you do it! 

‘Every day I’m getting closer to being half a stone lighter’

What are you doing BeYOUtiful?  Have a great day x

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