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Sunday, 11 February 2018

Coming out of my funk!

11th February 2018
The one who falls and gets up is so much stronger than the one who never fell.

Day 2 of my February re-Focus Forward challenge, and today I shall be running myself a long hot bubble bath and enjoying my book, I’ve even bought me a magazine to read too.  Yeah a bit of pampering and chilling today, actually not a bit – a lot.  I have loads of work to do but it will all wait till tomorrow, I need at least one completely work free day and I didn’t get home till almost 6 last night, so today is needed.

YAY to my brother and his mate, yippee to hot water and heat, new boiler fitted thankfully and all is good in my world again.

Great success at the scales again this week, my members are doing so well, another 468lb, which is almost 33½ stone bringing the YTD total up to 213 stone.  Those are great results to say quite a few of my members had an ishy week and maintained or gained a little bit.  We can’t be perfect all the time, none of us, real life knocks us off track sometimes, birthdays, illness, exceptional nights out, all sorts of things, like having no heating!

I was weighed at the area meeting yesterday and there’s another one next month so my mission is to be lighter then, than I am now, yep, those scales will be smiling.  Half a stone in a month – can I do it?  I can have a damn good go.  There, I’ve set the goal, without a goal we have no direction, with no direction we’re going nowhere.  Now to write it down somewhere I will see it every day, on my computer screen, maybe in the fridge.  I needed reminding of it every day and then take the steps needed to make it happen.  What you believe you achieve – so I’ve got to believe I can do it, I need to be clear about what I want and grateful for what I already have. 

Why do I want it, well a couple of things were said to me yesterday and they both made sense.  Firstly ‘you wouldn’t go to get your hair cut by a hairdresser with bad hair would you” so why would someone come to a Weight Watcher coach who wasn’t at goal or seen to be losing weight and living the plan.  Secondly, as me and Elle were carrying our scales to the area meeting to have them calibrated, so said, “you can’t believe this is what we were carrying around before can you, all that pressure on your knees”, and she was right, I could feel the extra pressure of carrying 3 stone of scales pushing down on my bad knee, so if I’m carrying an extra stone of fat that I don’t really want, it too is pushing down on my knees and not doing them any good at all. 

My knees want me to lose weight – that’s good enough for me.  My fear has always been to be unable to walk so time I did everything in my power to stop that from happening.  Watching my mom struggle to walk because of the weight she’s gained is proof again that being overweight does put pressure on those joints.

I’m going to remind myself every morning that I want to lose half a stone, I might make it the first line of my blog each day, ‘every day I’m getting closer to being half a stone lighter’.  I shall visualise it and stay positive.  We get back what we give out, we attract what we put out so if we look for the positive in everything, then there will be positive energy returned.

Of course I’ve got to take action, it’s not just going to happen.  Intensions set, actions put in place, results happen.

Day 1, here we go.

I have chicken in the fridge, so I’m going to cook a couple of things today I think, then I’ll have meals ready for a couple of days.  I’ll do a healthy veg shop so I have plenty of the good stuff too.  I’m going to ask mom if she minds if we don’t have so much rubbish in the house, then I won’t be tempted, or I’ll have to buy her the stuff I’m not so tempted by, but I need to break the snacking habit.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been in a bit of a funk this last week or so, not a bad mood as such but a funk is a good way to describe how I’ve felt. 

Definition of a funk: lack of motivation and low energy

If you’re in a funk, it means that you’ve been feeling sad, maybe grumpy or disengaged from life in general.  Your motivation may be low, listless, purposeless and not caring about much.  It’s not depression and it usually happens to me towards the end of winter or when I’ve overextended myself and just can’t give anymore.  I think we all get in a funk sometimes, so how do we get out of it?  Well here are some ideas that have worked for me;

  • Initially, let yourself be funked up!  It’s okay not to be okay.
  • Go to bed at a decent time.
  • Eat healthy and try to get at least your 5 a day to get those vitamins and minerals needed.
  • Drink plenty of water. Stay hydrate.
  • Get outside and walk.  You don’t have to walk miles. Get some fresh air.
  • Deep breathes, meditate maybe
  • Write it out – how you’re feeling, what’s on your mind, any issues or problems, then you can start looking for solutions.
  • Find something to do, something to fill your time.  Read a good book maybe, get engrossed – I’m reading a good one at the moment. I’ve also been enjoying NCIS boxsets and crochet – sad but true ;)
  • Play loud music, find some tunes you love to hear and saaannnnngg them at the top of your voice.
  • Get loved up – open yourself up and show love to others and don’t be afraid to ask someone for a hug.  I got me a few hugs yesterday under the pretence that I was cold – I’m not usually a hugger but I needed a cuddle!
  • Change your bedding – I’m gonna do that today, freshen my bedroom, refill my scentsy, put on my diffuser, hoover the dust up – cleanse my room.
  • Clean and tidy your environment.
  • Cook yourself a delicious meal, maybe try a new recipe.
  • Get some giggles, mom and I enjoyed the Lethal Weapon series on NetFlix last weekend, might watch some more today.  I need a funny movie in my life, one I haven’t seen.  You can’t beat a good belly laugh
  • Speaking of which, make a date with a mate, friends make everything better & we arranged a date yesterday for the end of the month, something to look forward too.
  • Talk to someone, share your Funk, even if they don’t want you to ;)
  • Pamper yourself, nice hot bath (me today) whatever pampering you enjoy – do it, remember you’re worth it.
  • Wear something that makes you feel good.
  • Do something that usually makes you happy.
  • Read some inspirational quotes.
Most importantly be patient with yourself, no mood lasts forever, always look for the light at the end of that tunnel.  I can feel my mood lifting each day, the low peaked (or dipped to its depth) on Wednesday and Thursday started to turn from Thursday night onwards.  I’m feeling much better now, you know simply being aware of how you’re feeling helps, it stops you from being consumed by it all.  I know I’ve felt pretty powerless to break out of my funk this last few weeks but just admitting that to myself, knowing I was in one helped me, acknowledging the funks happen and seeing the patterns (my blog has helped me notice the patterns over the year).  Accepting my life isn’t easy, it isn’t what it was but you know what, that isn’t what has caused this funk because I usually have a funk every February and my life hasn’t always been this way, it’s me not my life that’s been feeling this way and it’s me that will get me out of it.  Afterall if I don’t do the funk I can’t enjoy the fabulous that will follow.  A good funk makes the happiness that follows all the more sweeter.

Here’s to the rest of this month being full of happy and healthy weight loss success.  

I’m ready for my day now, even got my cleaning mood on I think!  Bit of cleaning, bit of cooking, hot bath, bit of chilling – nice plans for a Sunday.  Oh and a dog walk of course!

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