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Sunday, 4 February 2018

A good or bad day?

4th February 2018
Balance isn’t something you find, it’s something you create.

All the 4’s in my meeting this week, another 444lb lost on those scales of mine, despite quite a few having a wobbly week – we’re blaming the full moon for that!  That means our YTD total is 180 stone, amazing, flextastic figures those are.

It’s been a busy week, cooking in the meetings and lack of helpers, makes for harder work, but we survived if not a little frazzled by the end of it. I am so blessed to have the helpers that I do in my meetings. 

A build-up of hormones, emotions, tiredness and things happening meant there were a few tears before I left for work yesterday, I was okay, the tears were just a stress release.  Anyway I got to my meeting to find we were in the church rather than the hall, ARGH, which meant setting up and cooking wouldn’t be so simple.  Then I turned round and my new boss is stood there, my without thinking response (let’s not forget I hadn’t long stopped crying) was ‘you’re the last thing I need this morning’, however he wasn’t, he stopped, enjoyed the meeting and helped us pack the car – proper boss right there, we even managed a bit of a catch up and chatter.  I was however running late because of that chatting and everyone knows I have my massage at 11, just as I get in my car, I get a message from my sister saying, ‘You have no hot water or heating’.  Hurrah I cry, so now I’m late and I’m going home to a ballache, did I mention I’m also absolutely shattered by now because it’s my time of the month too oh and they just keep getting bigger and better as the months go by (I’m so ready to turn into a man and grow a beard, let’s do this menopause thing!).  In the car I consider cancelling my massage because I’m going to be too late for the post office, I’ve now got to sort the boiler out, my besties cancelled our coffee anyway and I just wanna go to sleep but I have to walk the dog and I’ve got the kitchen man coming too.  I walk into the Chi Rooms and she looks at me and says, “I’m so sorry, I thought it was this week you weren’t coming, I haven’t got you booked in”.  Relief, as much as I’d have enjoyed a massage, it did solve all my other problems and give me back an hour to get stuff sorted.  By now all I really needed was a hug!

My awesome brother came to look at the boiler, it needs replacing, even if he fixed it this time, it’d need replacing soon and the cost wouldn’t justify the delay of fitting new.

Sounds like a dreadful day I had doesn’t it – it wasn’t, it was really good if you ignore those things, my helpers listened to me offload because they’re awesome and they understand.  My new boss agreed with me about things and we’re on the same wavelength which always helps.  My epic sister did my washing up using the kettle to boil water which made me smile muchly.  My brother dropped everything to come and take a look at my boiler.  MY brothers going to fit my new boiler next weekend and I can afford a new one thankfully because I’ve just had a letter about a PPI, that should just cover it.  My kitchen man turned an offcut of walnut work surface into a draining board for me and hung my new Roman blinds on the French windows.  My mom is handing having no heating/hot water really well, there’s the obvious forgetting the boilers broken, but when I explain, she’s okay with it.  My bestie’s husband offered to drive her over for an hour so she could get her gift.  Her gift was the most amazing cake ever, made by the very kind and talented Jane. 

See I’m blessed, I’m surrounded by the best people that help me survive those tough times, those dark days because they remind me there’s love and light in the world.  My house may not be full of heat and how water today, but we’re dry and have water, the gas fires on and that will fill the living room with heat, I have a convector heater for moms room and a kettle that can be boiled, I also still have an electric shower over the bath.  Yep life is still good and I plan to spend today recharging with a good book, watching tv, walking Alfie, crocheting and chilling because the housework can wait.  I’ll tidy the kitchen up as I want to see what it looks like now it’s finished, yeah I’ve just got to varnish the draining board but by tomorrow I think we can say the kitchen is going to be done.

There’ll always be good and bad in your life, it’s where you choose to focus your attention for the longest that will have the biggest impact.

I’m sat here in a pink hooded, ankle length fluffy thing that’s keeping me nice and toasty, I knew when I bought it, that it would come in useful one day.

Have a lovely day BeYOUtiful, I plan too.

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