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Thursday, 8 February 2018

NOW it's time to find my WHY

8th February 2018
Use your mistakes to build stairs not walls

We’re a good 6 weeks into February now and I’ve seen roughly 2,800lb lost on my scales, my fear at this time of year is always how many of those members losing weight are treating it as a project rather than making lifestyle change that will stick with success that lasts forever.  I’m glad to say more and more people are joining Weight Watchers these days and when I ask them why they’ve joined their usual response is I want to be healthy, when I first became a coach it used to be I want to be thin or skinny or a size 8, I don’t hear that as often anymore, it’s all about being healthy, happy and confident and I love it!  I love that attitude because we can be healthy and happy at any weight, I’ve said it for years and it’s true.

Almost 200 stone lost on my scales, how incredible is that, we now have the most incredible plan, Flex is working so well for people, I’m not going to lie, there are a few struggling with the transition we don’t like change do we.  Not everyone is in love with it but I’d say 99% are.

My breakfast was only 4SP, just the one slice of bread,

It’s all about making changes but not having to completely overhaul your life, I wanted pizza yesterday, at one time a decent pizza wouldn’t wiped out any points I’d got for the week let alone the day, but instead I bought a base with the tomato sauce from Waitrose, it’s both veggie & vegan and you can top it with whatever you fancy.  
I opted for asparagus, mushrooms and a few points of cheese.  It was delicious and mom and I shared it, which saved me even more Smart Points, cost us 11SP each, not bad for a bit of what you fancy.   

For my 8sp tea I had the leftover  lemon & herb crusted fish from yesterday as a posh fish finger sandwich.  I had a delicious seeded bread because as long as I point the food and stay within my allowance, I can have it.

I even managed a weight loss this week, 1.5lb, I’m not being brilliant, but I’m doing what I feel I can with what I have at the minute.  I need to refocus my attention on tracking and being accountable but all I’m focused on this week is being cold and in pain, my shoulder is hurting like a bitch which isn’t great when you hump stock in and out of your car for a living – yes it’s not all standing at the scales and talking to members!

I need to remember my WHY, that’s the biggest motivator of all, if you keep your why close by everything else is easier.  Being overweight comes with feelings, feelings that contributed to us getting overweight in the first place.  By getting healthy, happy and confident in our ability to lose weight those feelings change and everything gets easier. 

There are lots of things in life we can’t control, what we eat isn’t one of them.  I’m not sure who I’m trying to convince here, you or me or both of us! 

If I was in control of everything that came into my house, if it was just me in this house, they chocolate biscuits, the crisps, they wouldn’t be here all the time, then I couldn’t just grab at them when I’d had a bad day, or fancied something nice.  It’s not that easy though, they are here and I need to sort myself out.  I’m not usually a snacky person but the last few weeks I have been, now I either have to completely break that pattern or have some not so bad snacks to hand.

My name is Beverley and I’ll be a Weight Watchers for life, now to remind myself of my WHY and get back to being a better one today than I was yesterday, how about you?  Are you being a fab Weight Watcher or could you do a little more today?

On that note, I’m going to go get me a hot drink, it’s too cold for the pint of water sat in front of me right now…

You know what, I’ve just drunk the water, it’s good for me, we don’t have to ‘like’ or ‘enjoy’ everything we do, sometimes we do it because it’s good for us, and I know when I start my day with a big glass of water, the rest of the day is usually better. 

So here’s to a better today than yesterday BeYOUtiful, I’m off to think about my WHY!

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