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Saturday, 17 February 2018

1 more meeting then relax

17th February 2018
You don’t need to unscrew another’s lightbulb in order to shine! 

Ooo only 4 different fruit and veg yesterday, that’s not great for someone on a challenge, I did hit my five a day just with the same stuff as the day before.   I bought the salad then didn’t get round to preparing it, I wanted to do some crudité sticks an homemade hummus but the day just got away with me.

Fruit & Veg challenge
Butternut squash
Mandarin oranges

I was doing a little research online and did you know it may take 15-20 or more times trying a new food before a child will decide if they like it or not, so continue to expose your child and yourself to a variety of fruits and veggies and you may be find you change your mind. Of course this could work with other foods and drinks too, its day 6 of me eating fruit daily and I’m almost used to the apple thing, I can see me buying another bag when this ones gone.

Day 8 – 17th Feb – Buy flowers for my desk

Today’s defunk challenge is already achieved as my lovely helper bought me daffodils last night and so they will still proud on my desk. Plus, I’ve already bought some hyacinth bulbs and put them on on my desk yesterday, I think maybe I’ll put a floral scentsy wax in my warmer, I love the rugosa rose.

I never got round to eating my pizza because the short use buy date on the other stuff meant I had to have beef, chips and broccoli with gravy for my tea.  I picked at the bbq chicken for lunch.  Must try harder to ensure proper meals today and I will do some crudité’s to dip into something, even if it’s only Greek yogurt with some garlic in.  There are plenty of dip recipes on the Weight Watchers app.

Anyway, it’s Saturday, silly early start, leaving at half 7, so I better get my act together.  Worth it though, there was more success meetings last night, my bestie Vicky got her 10% certificate, she was thrilled, I handed out a lot of certificates last night.  Here’s to doing the same this morning. 

Have a wonderful weekend BeYOUtiful, mine will be relaxed, I already do too much in my day so I’m going to not do much because I can.

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