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Saturday, 10 February 2018

Recentre, rebalance and refocus

10th February 2018
Less egos, more amigos

I had me a lovely few hours to myself yesterday, I really needed some time out, drove to Lichfield, had a walk round, then a massage, it was so warm in there, I almost asked if I could have a shower whilst I was there! 

I have a busy day which has started with ipad issues but YAY, my boilers being fixed today so hopefully when I get back from my area meeting tonight, I will have a warm house – I do hope so because sitting here in a dressing gown, slippers and a woolly hat and still feeling cold isn’t working for me.

I was thinking as next Wednesday is Valentine’s day, it’s time to refocus on a bit of self-love, talking care of myself, yesterday proved how important that is to me.  January and February are such business months in the Weight Watcher world it can be easy to lose sight of myself a little, so the rest of the month I’m going to take a little time each day for me, my February re-Focus Forward challenge, I can’t think of anything catchy to call it so that’ll do, basically I want to recentre, rebalance and refocus myself, and I know it’s going to take a little time to do that so I’m going to be gentle with myself whilst I do it. 

Day 1 (today) – Practice being present in the moment
Day 2 – 11th Feb – Run a long hot bubble bath and enjoy my book
Day 3 – 12th Feb – Journal 10 things I’m grateful for
Day 4 – 13th Feb – cook a good, hearty meal
Day 5 – 14th Feb – Take a walk outside
Day 6 – 15th Feb – Get rid of 3 things I never use
Day 7 – 16th Feb – Tidy my desk
Day 8 – 17th Feb – Buy flowers for my desk
Day 9 – 18th Feb – Take a social media break after blogging
Day 10 – 19th Feb - Slow down, sit down and watch the sunset (or sunrise)
Day 11 – 20th Feb – unsubscribe from some unnecessary emails
Day 12 – 21st Feb – Send some encouraging texts to people
Day 13 – 22nd Feb – Plan a catch up with a friend
Day 14 – 23rd Feb – Take some time out for myself
Day 15 – 24th Feb - Do something I’ve been putting off
Day 16 – 25th Feb – go the entire day without complaining
Day 17 – 26th Feb – make a feel good sound track
Day 18 – 27th Feb – write a list of ten things I’m grateful for
Day 19 – 28th Feb – Cook something delicious

Here’s to feeling fabulous by the end of February, by taking care of myself, taking some time out for me, I’ll be reminded of the importance of eating healthy too, it all fits together.

Maybe throughout the month, I’ll put together a self-care basket too, I had a lovely basket for my birthday so I’m thinking I will put some nice tissue paper in it, add some scentsy wax melts (oh I’ve found me a new supplier, my besties mate and a members wife is doing it now https://www.facebook.com/groups/188190595103810/), my favourite wine glass, a note pad to make lists of my favourite things and other stuff, some pamper stuff, a WW bar or snacks, a bit of something creative and a message to me from me to remind me to take care of me.   Ooo new fluffy socks too and the feel good play list I’m going to put together on Day 17.  Oh and possibly, probably, let’s be honest most likely a bottle of that expensive posh wine some lovely person introduced me to as a Christmas gift, yeah I’ll get me a bottle of that too.

Yeah the rest of this months all about taking care of me, if I don’t take care of me, I can’t take care of anyone else and at the minute, I feel like I need to be taken care of.

Here’s to a caring kind of day, it’s going to be busy but it starts with my awesome members, then I get to catch up with my colleagues, I can think of worse ways to spend a day.

Here’s to caring Saturday BeYOUtiful, go give someone a hug, let’s spread the love.

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