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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

You're not alone - we all struggle x

23rd February 2016
Mix a little foolishness with your serious plans.  It is lovely to be silly at the right moment. Horace. 
Read this in my group yesterday;

"I'm really am struggling just can't get focused since Christmas, feel so frustrated with myself"

The only thing worse than feeling like that, is thinking you're the only one who is in that situation!  Trust me you're not! That's where the meetings come into play, Saturday was a great example, everyone sitting, talking honestly about what's going on and giving each other ideas of how to handle it.  We've all had weeks where we're cooking on gas and weeks where we're drowning or struggling so that makes us all experts in supporting each other.

If I could bottle how motivated I was that week I lost 5lb, I'd be back at goal by now and so would all my members, unfortunately I can't which is why I'll be lucky to get a weight loss this week and the "Fab Five in February", well that's not going to happen!  Do I feel frustrated with myself? Nope!  Do I feel like giving up?  Nope!  Why not? Because I've been here before, this is the cycle of my life, I know that giving up or feeling frustrated, feeling like a failure, being disappointed with myself will only result in one thing and that's feeling bad, which in turn will send me to the kitchen because that's one place that can make me happy in the moment. 

Nah, I see how I am at the moment for what it is, it's me handling winter the best I can, doing what I can when I can, enjoying who I am and what I'm doing, giving myself a break.  Trying to make wise choices when I can, and letting it go when I can't.

This mentality helped me get through yesterday, here's my trackers;

I didn't leave the house in the end, one because I knew if I went in a supermarket, I'd buy stuff I didn't need as well as stuff I did!   If I haven't got any bread, I can't eat bread can I, simples - that goes for all the other stuff too.  The food that tempts me, it's not always what you think either, crackers and crispbread are a killer for me, it's too easy to take one out the packet with a bit of spread on it!  Enough of them can do as much damage as a chocolate bar!  That's a great example of mindless eating, it's just something we're doing because it's there, not thinking about it at all.

Today, if you're struggling, realise you're not alone, get to your meeting and make the time to stay, talk when you have the chance, don't be afraid to say, "I'm struggling", you won't be the only one.  Trust me you can't beat a good session where you're all coming in with ideas to support each other.

I'm not joking when I say, those that stay to the meetings lose weight, those that don't lose interest.  Everything is easier with support - EVERYTHING!

I'm off to get ready for my meetings, just in case you need to know where they are, so you can make sure you attend one, here they are;

Short Heath Methodist Church
Wesley Road, Short Heath,
Willenhall WV12 5QT Tuesday (8.30am*) 9.30am, 5.15pm, 6.30pm
St Albans Church Hall
Griffiths Drive, Ashmore Park Estate, Wednesfield WV11 2LJ
Wednesday 5.30pm, 6.45pm
St John's Methodist Church
Victoria Avenue, Bloxwich WS3 3HS
Wednesday 10.00am & Thursday (8.30am*),
9.30am, 10.45am, 5.00pm, 6.15pm

United Reform Church
Old Fallings Lane, Wolverhampton
WV10 8BH
Saturday 9.00am

* The 8.30 meetings are weigh only sessions, the other times, the talk starts half hour after that time.

Here's your recipe for today, it's one from a member, I've not tried it myself yet but sounds tasty!

Serves 2, 5 Smart Points per serving

250g lean beef mince (6sp), add onion and egg (2sp).
Season with whatever flavour you like. Mix together.

Squash into a round tin, add tomato purée (2tbsp = 1sp) and all pizza toppings (veggies zero remember!)  Top with 20g of cathedral city light cheese for 2 Smart Points

Bake for 25 minutes on high. Half way through cooking, drain any fat.
Once cooked, leave to set for 5 minutes

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