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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Put it all into perspective & smile!

7th February 2016
Be faithful to that which exists nowhere but in yourself.  Andre Gide

Today I won't be doing a lot of anything!  Yesterday was an incredibly long day!  Had a fabulous morning with my meeting, mom came too which was lovely and everyone of course loved her and has asked if she'll go every week '-).  Then it was straight from there to my area meeting, where I knew we were having afternoon tea so I didn't grab any lunch as I'm trying to stay on track ain't I!  I'd only had a slice of toast at the meeting for breakfast too as was saving my points and in a rush - BIG MISTAKE!   By the time we got to eat which was about half three I was so hungry I just inhaled the sandwiches available, I'm normally ok with resisting the cake stuff, I've even got myself convinced I'm not really a fan, but there are some things I really like and of course they were on that table, let's just say, chocolate eclairs and it got messy!

The only positive was I didn't eat again yesterday, but I didn't get an early night either.  I arrived home about half five absolutely shattered, so chilled and knit all night, Alfie started to behave differently around 9, he plays up at that time anyway, but this didn't go away and by eleven he was still being mardy, throwing himself all over the place and whining (we have no idea why he does this, it's about every 4 months and when we do take him to the vets, they can't find anything, I think he gets belly ache), so at half eleven I was walking him round the block to see if he needed to do his business (he didn't!), so I sat downstairs with him.  The vet has given me some dog painkillers, so I got one of them into him and it was half past one before he settled, so I've not long woke up.  What a rock and roll lifestyle I have!

So I'm drawing a line of the food event of yesterday, lesson learned, don't let myself get over hungry, because that's when even a nothing special, starting to go dry sandwich tastes amazing and I just snort my food without thinking of the points.  It's all about putting it into perpective, one day will not undo all my efforts, one cake or chocolate bar won't either.  Let's put the "I've ate a big chocolate bar" situation into perspective, a 100g bar of chocolate is roughly 500 calories, to gain a pound of weight you have to eat roughly 3,500 calories more than your body needs, the same to lose that pound, eat 3,500 less than your body needs.

Smart Points aren't just counting calories, they're nudging you towards healthier choices, but if you occasionally mess up and go over by choosing not so wisely, it's not the end of the world!  Don't forget that.
One of the highlights of my day was my 'well done' certificate from my manager, she knew I'd got my first silver seven and wrote me a certificate to congratulation me on getting back on track, smile moment for sure and the daffodils she bought us all was lovely too.

Well I have a lot of nothing to do to get too, so I'll say have a nice day, here's your Smart Point recipe, it's a tasty one, I might need to do it myself when I get back to cooking, we've got ready meals for dinner today, I ain't doing NOTHING! I might even leave my paperwork till morning and have a real Weight Watcher Work free day!  Whatever you're up to - enjoy it BeYOUtiful, life's short and we need to make it sweet.

Spinach and Cheese lasagne
Serves 2, 9sp each

Low fat cooking spray
200g frozen spinach (defrosted and drained)
100g low fat soft cheese with garlic and herbs (3sp)
6 sheets dried lasagne (100g) (10sp)
1 x 400g can chopped tomatoes
50g low fat grated cheddar cheese (5sp)
Salt & pepper

Preheat oven to Gas mark 4 / 180oC. Spray small ovenproof dish with low fat spray.

In a bowl mix together spinach & soft cheese, season with black pepper. Place two sheets of lasagne in the oven dish, spoon over half of the spinach mixture. Place two more sheets of lasagne on top and spoon remaining spinach mixture on to it. Repeat with the last two sheets, pour over the chopped tomatoes, season and sprinkle with grated cheese. Bake for 20 mins or until golden and bubbling.

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