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Thursday, 4 February 2016

I'm feeling fab in February

4th February 2016
He has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often and loved much.
I'm so glad I bought ready meals this week, it's left me with a little time to do other things, the little jobs I needed to get round too, like dropping of the stuff at the women's hostel and sorting out the old stock in my shed.   

It also meant I got to eat a rather delicious lunch yesterday, which I'd have been pleased to pay for had it been served up to me on one of my meals out with my bestie, it was really tasty, chicken and mushroom pie from Sainsbury's from their "Be good to yourself" range, I would definitely buy it again, especially as it was only 10sp. 

For my tea I had chicken chow mein 12sp also from Sainsbury's, it wasn't like you'd get from the Chinese takeaway but to be honest the last time I did have one from the local takeaway, it wasn't all that either!  It did remind me how much I like noodles and pasta and I rarely eat them so today's recipe includes a little spaghetti, might fit that in this coming week.  

Simple Spaghetti Supper
Serves 1, 8sp per serving

(for more portions simply multiply ingredients)
1tsp olive oil (2sp)
1 garlic clove sliced
1 tsp capers (washed)
100g cherry tomatoes halved
60g spaghetti (6sp)

Cook 60g spaghetti according to instructions on packet, at same time heat oil in pan, fry garlic, add capers & cherry tomatoes and cook for 10 minutes. Drain spaghetti, reserving a little liquid, toss all ingredients together and serve. 

I'm on course for a weight loss tomorrow and it'll mean I'm going to be adding to my Fab Five for Feb scales, I managed 5lb in January and would be thrilled to do the same in February.  I'm being motivated by my members success for sure, not just their weight loss but their habit changes, so many are realising and accepting that they can live with less of the sweet stuff, they've not had to cut it out all together but seeing it as a treat not a staple need.

You can't beat the buzz of a busy meeting and I truly had that last night at Ashmore Park, to see my member doing so well is just fabulous, Jean who turned 70 last year achieved her 75lb certificate last night, how awesome is that!  Dave who's struggled to lose lately despite eating really healthy lost 2lb last night to add to his 1lb last week, showing that tweaking a little makes a lot of difference. 

I saw tears yesterday, after losing a friend the week before suddenly, a member was reminded that weight loss isn't just about the numbers, it's about getting healthy so that you are around to watch your children grow up.  We all know carrying excess weight can cause all kinds of illnesses, from diabetes to heart disease and more but we tend to ignore it because we always think it won't happen to us!  My dad lived a very unhealthy life and died at 60 because of it, diabetes caused by excess of everything and lack of exercise, numerous strokes and heart attacks - 60, it's no age at all is it.  Another reason why I need to keep up with getting this excess weight off that's crept back on!

I'm a very lucky lady you know, I'm surrounded by incredible people who help me run my meetings, they worked their little socks off last night, then there are those that are helping me raise money for charity in the background.  Terri is crocheting away making blankets and such and all she's asking in return is a donation to my charity, she's also making tea and toast every Saturday morning in the meeting.  Meanwhile I've got a few, Tina and Val included giving up chocolate till Easter to raise even more money in sponsorships. 

These efforts have already raised £400 in January for the Good Shepherd soup kitchen, and last year similar efforts raised £3,557.49 for Alzheimer's, we received the certificate this week - just incredible generosity from everyone.  That doesn't include the handbags that were collected and distributed, over 300 of them and all the boxes of food for the food bank, over 2 car's full (big car too).

Reflecting is good, I feel truly blessed this morning and it's taken my mind of my super strange, not very nice dream that I had in the early hours, one of those that I woke up and kept going back too - if I wanted to write it down it'd make a very good episode of Dr Who or Supernatural, but I don't I want it gone from my mind as soon as possible and forgotten because I'm all about the happy, you can keep your not so nice thank you very much.

Right I'm off, need another pint of water, lots to do, meetings to get to, members to weigh and life to live, I'm making mom come to the meeting this morning, she's not staying in bed (lazy mare), we all need to get out and socialise, it's too easy to stay home!

Enjoy your day BeYOUtiful, focus on the happy because happy people make healthy choices!

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