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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Imbolc or Feb 2nd, you choose how your day goes!

2nd February 2016
Opportunities are like sunrises.  If you wait too long, you miss them.
If you're sitting reading this and feeling embarrassed at how 'rubbish' you did in January, or last year, or so far since you started - don't be!  And know that you're not the only one sitting thinking that either, I've had quite a few messages this last few days saying similar, so know that you are alone, so many of us struggle not just with January and losing weight but constantly!  I love eating and drinking and resisting will always be a challenge, sometimes I manage to, sometimes I don't but the upside is I'll never give up because my health is important.

I've got my head cold on the run and I'm feeling much better again now, I've eaten good wholesome foods this weekend and cut out the alcohol, whilst resting as much as possible to help give my body that time to recover.  I'm ready to continue with an on track week as I have a fridge full of food prepared, no thinking about what to eat or standing over a hot stove in the kitchen.  I even made a cheese and potato pie yesterday to use up those potatoes, 10 Smart Points of cheese comfort food, delicious. 

So Day one of Fab Five in February under my belt, had quail eggs and tomatoes on 2 slices of bread for brekkie 6sp, milk in tea 4sp (drank quite a few cuppas), sirloin steak (trimmed) 5sp, mash 4sp, onions 1sp and sprouts, ovaltine light 5sp.  I wasn't hungry tea time so just had the hot drink.

Here's to day 2, I know I can stay on track again today, isn't it funny how some mornings you just know you're not going to struggle, if I have a booze free rest of week too, that'll help both my immune system recover and my weight loss efforts.  More water, less wine!

And if you needed any more encouragement to start afresh, today is Imbolc (or Candlemass), it is the day when the passing of Winter is celebrated to make way for Spring.  This is the seasonal change where the first signs of spring and the return of the sun are noted, go out there and observe the sprouting of the crocus flowers, today's a festival that makes the beginning of the agricultural year.  So if you have been dormant over these past winter months, why don't you take this opportunity to see today as a change to celebrate making way for your bodies version of spring!  Step out, go enjoy that fresh air, check out the fresh shoots on all the plants, enjoy the sunrise and watch the sunset this evening, every day is a fresh start, and you have the power to take them!

What do you know will help your weight loss and health this week?  I've got a lot of running about to do today, so probably won't fit in a walk, I've not even put my fitbit on the last few days, didn't seem much point but I shall re-attach it today and aim to get as many steps on it as I can without setting myself a target.

Here's your daily simple recipe, nice and low in Smart Points so you have plenty left over to spent elsewhere.  I'd be bulking this meal out with plenty of veggies or a huge side salad.

Have a great day and stay BeYOUtiful.

Pasta in Pesto Sauce
Serves 4, 6sp per serving
140g low fat soft cheese (4pp)
100ml skimmed milk (1sp)
1½tbsp green pesto (3sp)
Freshly ground black pepper
160g wholewheat dried pasta (15sp)
150g turkey rashers cooked and chopped (2sp)

Put the pasta on to boil. Meanwhile soften the low fat soft cheese in a small saucepan, and gradually add 1-2tbsp of milk, until it becomes softer, then stir in the pesto. Heat the mixture over a low heat and gradually add the rest of the milk a little at a time, stirring continuously. Add turkey rashers & bring the sauce to a simmer, making sure it does not boil, serve immediately seasoning with black pepper. Serve with any steamed vegetables.

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