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Monday, 29 June 2015

Yee Ha! Let's have another week.

29th June 2015
You will obtain your goal, if you maintain your course.
I had a perfect Sunday yesterday, slow start to the day, playing on internet, then a drive round 3 garden centres, followed by a few hours in my garden messing about, listening to Lionel Richie at Glastonbury on the radio.   This was one of the things I did whilst out there;

I can't wait for those plants to spread and cascade down the ladder.  Hopefully the weather will stay dry again today for me to finish off out there, I have two pallets that are now painted but need to put plants in them.

I obviously left my brain at home when I went to the garden centre, bought a couple of pots a Dobbies before going to Pipers Nursery for the plants, I think they have better plants at a better price.  I spent ages in there before paying where I found out I'd left my credit card at Dobbies in their card machine!  What a plonker I am, luckily when I went back they remembered me and let me have it back - phew! 

Mom and I sat out there chatting for a bit longer till the sun had gone over then came in, we watched a programme about 80s tv which made us laugh, oh how times have changed. 

I love the summer when you I spend time in my garden with my mom, me doing, her watching, sunshine always seems to make everything better, it really does.

Yesterday was one of those days that food was some I ate just because I should, I enjoyed yet another curry, chicken this time, made by my lovely member - it was a bit on the hot side for me but still tasty.

So after a ridiculous 4.5lb gain last week, which I felt I didn't anywhere near deserve, yeah I'd expected a gain but not that much - behave!  Anyway I've lost 2 of it this week thankfully, I've got this maintaining down to a fine art, it's just the wrong goal weight!  I was listening to Radio 2 last week and heard Steve Wright say something about a study had shown that women would rather be 21lb over their ideal weight and be able to eat anything they want to, than diet for the rest of their lives!  I think I agree with that, oh to not think about what the scales say!

I'm on course for a good week as my fridge is full of healthy food that was delivered Saturday afternoon, I will make sure I eat properly today and not skip lunch because I'm in the garden, actually I didn't skip it, I just had a slice of bread and butter instead.  My body is screaming for some vegetables, bit of broccoli and maybe a few carrots with fish or chicken.  How long would leftover beef stew keep in the fridge anyway, I never know the answer to how long food keeps, it rarely stays in our house long enough to go off!

So here is to a fabulous week, no dwelling on any 'bad moments' from last week, focus forward, smile at how fabulous life can be when you make that decision that it's going to be.  Focus on the healthy and happy - eat well, feel well.

Have a great day BeYOUtiful.    

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