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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Do you have a sugar addiction?

4th June 2015
Laughter is an instant vacation. Guillermo Álvarez

Isn't it funny how the universe brings things to your attention.  I've just been sat here thinking what shall I write, I'm in a rush this morning, lots to do, meetings to get to so I need to not spend ages on it.  Then I found myself thinking about sugar and how my cravings haven't been quite as bad this month since I've been drinking my nutribullet full of sweet fruit and also including good wholesome foods and cutting down on the junk.  Then the presenter on the radio starts talking about what's in today's papers and I heard something about a sugar tax because we have an obesity epidemic and our poor kids are suffering.

The question for me is, is this sugar stuff addictive, is it possible that people are actually addicted to the stuff.  We, there have been studies in rats that find sugar stimulates the release of opiates, which makes you feel good!  The opiates, in turn, stimulate your appetite for more sugar, if you give those rats enough sugar, and they become addicted, constantly pressing a button to get more to keep giving them that high!  Scary stuff especially as when you turn off the supply they exhibit anxiety and other signs of withdrawal just like a person would if addicted to cocaine!

So possibly, however if people can crack (pardon the pun) a cocaine addiction we sure as hell can break any food addiction we may or may not have.  Unfortunately we still have to eat, you can just cut it out all together like you could with a drug or drink problem.  Instead we need to learn how to enjoy food without constantly wanting more and more and more - can it be done?  Of course it can, I have hundreds of members who are doing just that, and I weigh lots of members who are maintaining their goal - so yes we can break that addictive like behaviour cycle.

How can you get that feel good feeling other than from food?  Having a giggle with friends, finding a way to move your body that you enjoy, spending time with loved ones, having fun.  All things you have to make time for and maybe that's why eating is such an easy option because it's instant, because you can do it at anytime, because it really doesn't take any planning. Mmm I think I've just hit on something there, if I'm feeling a little low, I have to make plans to go out and do something and possibly have to delay that pleasure seeking, but with food I can just go and get it there and feel a little bit of a boost instantly!

So I know I will probably always use food as a mood booster so I look for foods and meals to do just that without blowing my ProPoints budget and getting the scales to make me stop smiling.  Last night I had leftover Jersey mids, sliced them and fried with frozen petit pois and a bit of bacon, then topped with a fried egg, it was delicious and yeah it made me smile as I cooked it and served it up, my delicious reward at the end of a long day and still a healthy choice. 

I enjoyed every mouthful, but it's always good to ask yourself if the food your eating is in fact delivering on its promise!  The first few mouthfuls may give you that initial pleasure, but then we usually stop paying attention and before you know it, it's gone!  Start giving your food your full attention, don't mindlessly eat and don't just pay attention as your eating it, notice the effect each meal has on your body, an hour maybe two later, if you've eaten too much, you may have an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach?  Acknowledging this might encourage you to start to change what or how much you eat, if you don't pay attention and you'll never notice.

Right I'm off because I need to shower and load my car - I'll dress inbetween those two activities!

Have a great day BeYOUtiful and pay attention! xx

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