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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Eat better - feel better!

21st June 2015

Failure is nothing more than a chance to revise your strategy.

Another great meeting yesterday morning, with my Naomi achieving her goal, making it 6 this week, that's fabulous, 516lb lost this week, loving that the men were doing brill too, with Mark getting his 50lb certificate and Dave getting his 75lb, these numbrs are tremendous.  And the only thing that can makes going to my meeting better than the awesome it already is (I just love my job!) is when a member cooks for me, Dal brought me a portion of her lamb curry and I have to say it was up there with the best I've ever had, she just throws it all in, no recipe - I WANT TO BE ABLE TO DO THAT!  Seriously if I could create a curry to taste like that, well we'd be eating it a lot!

Well my plans for a 'cheap' week on the shopping front didn't happen, turned out I'd left my coupon and card at home so had to nip and fetch it, asked mom if she fancied a wander round the shop and it was a yes!  She had a field day, £105 later, we've got enough 'treats' to last her a good while - I hope!  It was nice to get out the house together though as we don't do it often, even if it was just for a walk round Sainsbury's.   Mom stood looking at all the different bleach bottles and asked, "why is there all different colours?" I replied "different flavours" to which her response was "I ain't gonna eat it!" ;-)

So that was morning, the rain eventually stopped so I managed to sit up the garden for an hour and get me a bit of vitamin D, I enjoyed some of my book and also burnt a broken fence panel in my chimenea, such fun, good job the neighbours didn't have their washing out because it was rather smoky!

I've got a couple of books on the go at the moment, one of which is a factual book called 'The Happiness Project', it's about a lady who did a year long project to get happier, she wasn't miserable when she started, but realised she could be happier.  So obviously listening to the start of the book, I asked myself "What makes me happy?"  Now ask yourself that question quickly, right now.  I didn't spend long thinking about it, I'd just had lunch with my bestie so the first thing I thought was, "lunch and giggles with my bestie", that really makes me happy, then I realised the happy part of that usually was more about spending time with her and chatting and laughing rather than anything we ate, it was the 'our time' I enjoyed.  I stopped thinking then as I went to have my massage. 

So the question has just come back to me, so what else makes me happy, mmm -

- seeing my mom laugh and knowing she's happy 

- watching my members achieve their goals and feel better about themselves.

- chilling out in my garden in the sunshine reading a good book and drinking a glass of something ;)

- pottering about in my garden and enjoying the flowers that I've planted.

- a tidy house - yeah for someone who rarely is tidy, when it is, I love it.

- spending time in my kitchen and cooking a delicious meal.

- listening to good music and singing in my car.

There the first things that come to my mind as I'm sat here thinking about it now.  I'm guessing there are lots of other things that could go on that list but they're the ones that come to mind right now.

Now I had a conversation earlier in the week about whether losing weight made a person happy and I personally don't believe it does, don't get me wrong it makes you feel good in the moment as you see the results and it improves your health.  It may actually change how some peoples live their lives if they have a great deal of weight to lose.  I think when I was asked the question I was thinking along a different line, such as if you already aren't happy with your life or if you have problems, then losing weight doesn't really change anything, but as my bestie says eating 'better' does make you feel better!  And so maybe I was wrong, maybe losing weight does make a person happy!  Because let's be honest if you feel better you can cope with all those difficult things in your life better.  I'm happier when I'm not tired, if I'm tired I find coping with things harder work.  If I'm full of energy, I can cope with all the tasks in my life easier.  So I think typing this I've just realised, yeah, if I eat better, healthier and stay in control of the portion, I'll lose a little weight, if I'm carrying less weight I'll have more energy, if I have more energy, I'm not going to be as tired and I can cope with all 'the stuff' better! 

So here's to eating 'better', I'm no longer about the visual, I know I look okay for a 'woman of my age' when I get dressed to go to work, but if I was lighter I know that body underneath the dress won't 'creak' as much as it walks up the stairs to bed each night ;)

Enjoy your Sunday BeYOUtiful, I'm off to sort my kitchen cupboards and plan my week, I'm also going to cook curry which won't be a patch on the one I ate last night :)

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