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Saturday, 20 June 2015

Ready for the day...

20th June 2015
Never cut what you can untie.  Robert Frost

Oh it's raining, I hadn't realised that when I first got out of bed!  Well if it's still raining this afternoon I can get stuck into the kitchen sooner than planned.  My plan is to audit all the food in my kitchen, put together meal ideas, so that I know exactly what we can have over the coming week and be prepared.  I'll only really need to buy fresh this week I reckon as I have so much going on in the cupboards, I won't need much else.

The vet couldn't work out what was wrong with Alfie, he's got a waxy ear but it's not infected, but nothing obvious wrong so she's given him some anti inflammatory tablets and we'll see how he goes. 

So this week we're talking food, I do love to talk food as you know and one ingredient everybody seems to have in the cupboard seems to be tinned tuna, and I've just found this recipe that I've made in the past, really cheap and easy.

Tuna lasagne serves 4 (27pp total) – 7pp each
100g cheese (11pp)
Can of Batchelors condensed low fat mushroom soup (4pp)
1tbsp wholegrain mustard (stir into soup)
4½ sheets Sainsbury’s fresh egg lasagne (9pp) (prepare as instructions by soaking in boiling water for 5mins)
200g frozen spinach (cook in microwave for approx 3mins to soften)
Tin tuna (Princes 130g drained weight) (3pp)
Tin chopped tomatoes

Put ½ can tomatoes in lasagne dish top with 1½ slices of lasagne, add spinach & tuna then another 1½ slices of lasagne, add remaining ½ can tomatoes then top with last 1½ slices of lasagne, pour over soup and top with cheese.  Bake on gas mark 6 until cooked.

Add any veggies you have, e.g. mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, spring onions etc. 

I added sundried tomatoes for an additional 6pp total, 8pp each

That might be one of the meals I decide to make again, I always buy pasta and never get round to cooking with it, I really do like spaghetti, so I might try a carbonara this week or something quick and simple such as this;

Dinner - Creamy Ham Pasta serves 2 – 10pp each
120g dried pasta (12pp)
200g frozen mixed vegetables
200g wafer thin ham (5pp)
80g Philadelphia extra light (2pp)
Chicken oxo cube

Cook pasta with veg for 10 minutes,

Crumble chicken oxo cube in approx 200ml boiling water and mix together with soft cheese in a pan whilst warming up on the hob.  Drain pasta and veg and mix into sauce with ham. 

Cooking doesn't get no easier than that does it!  I need to have a play in the kitchen for sure, it's definitely one of the things that makes me happy and I'm thinking a spaghetti dish, maybe a F&H carbonara with bacon medallions, courgettes, ooo I'll think, first I have to go get ready for my meeting this morning.  Here's to a morning of success at the scales to finish my week off lovely ;)

Have a great day BeYOUtiful, let's enjoy the weekend the Weight Watcher way.

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