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Saturday, 6 June 2015

A day away from it all.

6th June 2015

Life's what you make it.

Sat here yawning, despite having slept well, I'm looking forward to doing nothing all day again tomorrow, today I've got my busy morning which I love, then a little food shopping finished off with my massage, then I shall stop and chill. 

Yesterday I had me a very rare day out, totally unplanned, my arranged meeting had been cancelled so I decided to take advantage of the situation as the train tickets weren't refundable and they'd been paid for.  A day in London was just what I needed to remind me I don't have to go anywhere, I have everything I need at home.  Don't get me wrong I enjoyed my day, it did me the world of good to spend a few hours inside my own head, rather than pre-occupied by Weight Watchers, the internet and Facebook - I could've done that up my own back garden though ;).

I've lost the wanderlust that I had in my 20s and 30s, I no longer desire to go anywhere, I'm happy to stay home and chill or to enjoy my garden, my little world is enough.

So what did I do when I got there, well after nodding off on the train, I got myself a tube ticket and headed to Fortnum and Mason, then down to Harrods then to Covent Garden, I found myself people watching more than anything, all these people in all their fancy clothes spending serious money on stuff they don't need, it all seemed very superficial, no one looked very happy at all.

Now once in Covent Garden I managed to get a table at Raymond Blancs http://brasserieblanc.com/location/covent-garden/, I sat outside watching the world go by whilst eating my set menu for £16.50 plus £2.50 for a glass of wine.  "Rita" my waitress suggested I might want a side salad with my main as it was just the risotto, so I said yes, that bowl of lettuce cost me £3.90 and it was a bowl of lettuce, nothing else,

I ordered; 


Guestimations on ProPoints, I'll say 7pp max for tart, it was a sliver and I'm thinking of the pastry and sugar, 15pp for the risotto, and I'll go with 15pp for the posset because of the biscuit and comparing it with others on esource. Add a glass of wine and the weekly allowance of 49pp would cover it.
And it was all very delicious, I really enjoyed just sitting there watching the world go by, people watching is so interesting.  Below me at another eatery there was a family, their young daughter sat in a high chair playing on an ipad whilst eating, she was mostly ignoring her food - see we're being distracted at the dinner table as early as that in our life.  Mealtimes, especially when with the family shouldn't be filled with the distractions of ipads, smart phones and tv, yet we are all guilty of it.

One good thing about people watching is being reminded that there are no 'perfect' bodies out there really, we're all different shapes and sizes!  So if you only do one thing today, embrace your shape, love the skin you're in.  I hope like me you realise how wonderful what you have is, I hope you enjoy being at home surrounded by your loved ones as much as I do, I'm feeling very blessed that there's nothing at this time that I want or need, the only thing I bought yesterday other than food was a £7 tshirt and that was because I was hot and wanted to wear it there and then, I came out of the changing room with it on and he scanned me :) 

Have a super Saturday. xx

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