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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

I'll pass thanks...

16th June 2015
Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life!

Well a touch of travel sickness on the train kept me from the free food at lunchtime, helping me to stay on track - there's a bright side to everything and now I've been reminded not to read whilst I'm traveling.  I managed to get first class tickets for cheaper than standard class by returning later, which meant I bought mom a few free goodies back for her to enjoy. 

We had the excellent news that she doesn't have Celiac so that's one less thing for us to focus on, I've just got to get her iron levels back up now so we'll continue with the spinach in her nutribullet drinks and I'm going to buy some Cheerios because apparently they're fortified with iron and she likes them.
We all know eating out can be a real challenge, it was for me yesterday, yes I could've taken food with me but I didn't want to be carrying it on the train if I'm honest and I didn't want to get my own lunchbox out in the middle of a meeting.  Maybe if I'd chose to I could've eaten before getting to the meeting and not bothered with the lunch, that is actually what I did, I'd already had a bacon roll on the train before the travel sickness struck, that set me back 10pp comparing it to other similar ones on the esource app.  I still in me have that "it's free" mentality, because I got first class tickets, you get fed, to be honest it wasn't very nice, the roll was really crunchy, to the point of taking the roof off your mouth and the bacon was like that bacon you get abroad which isn't really like the stuff we get from our shops, so it was just 'food' gutted when I think about how I could have had 2 slices of bread (4pp) 2 slices of back bacon (4pp) and an egg (2pp) for the same value and that would've been much tastier because I'd have had mushrooms on mine if I'd made it myself. 

Lunch was sandwiches and again at one time, sitting with a bit of a buffet behind me, no matter what was on it would have had me feeling a bit twitchy thinking about it.  Not yesterday, I'm not sure if I'm 'cured' or I just didn't feel great so didn't care about it.  I think I might be a little cured because to be honest feeling sick hasn't stopped me from wanting to eat in the past.

All the freebie biscuits and cake I was given went in my bag to give to mom, I can take or leave that stuff to be honest, it doesn't float my boat like being offered a gin & tonic on the way home, that was accepted, I won't lie.  I also enjoyed the vegetarian falafel wrap on the train on the way home, I'll allow 15pp for that just to be on the safe side - worth it though, I've even made those myself at home since first having one, they are tasty.

So yes if I was to replay that day or if I had lots of days like that because of my job, I would most certainly be investing in a coolbox, because that "free" food, isn't really that fantastic and it's certainly not "free" when you get on the scales the following week.

Planning is key isn't it, not just the food we just to include but also our attitude, yep you can plan your "no thanks, I'm not really hungry" attitude, fake it till you make it I say, of course don't go hungry, you can plan to say, "thanks, but I've already eaten", or do you know what, you can just plan to say, "no, thank you", you don't need a reason, you don't need to justify your response.

So here's to a week of planning, of knowing how we're going to act or respond in different situations we might find ourselves in. 

Was anything I was offered to eat yesterday worth not getting a weight loss next week, honestly, no!   So there's a question you can ask yourself every time you're offered food this week, "Is that worth not getting a weight loss", most of the time the answer will be no, focus on the no thank you BeYOUtiful, you know it's worth it.

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