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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Being bothered ain't I!

24th June 2015
If you don't have time to be healthy you better find the time to be sick!

That quote really hit home with me yesterday when I read it and used it in my blog.  I'd already started to think about how to get back on track and I blogged a couple of things yesterday, so I thought I'd continue today because let's be honest, getting back on track when you're well and truly off the rails isn't easy.  Firstly, remind yourself what you want and why, visualise your successful self and do that every time you think that piece of chocolate or glass of wine is worth going over your allowance.

I'm going to start setting myself short term goals, so this week it's to walk 3 times, drink my water and watch those portion sizes.  I know I can succeed, as can you, if we take it one meal, one day and one pound at a time.  Master one change at a time, then move on to the next one, and it's okay if you don't master it the first time, you're allowed to start over as many times as is necessary.  It's not two steps forward, one step back, it's a cha-cha!

If you know your weaknesses, you can be prepared for future potential falls.  We all have them and you can take back your power by accepting that fact and being ready for an attack.  I know I can't have warby thins, in my house, I'm just too much of a brad head, same with Walkers cheese and onion crisps, resistance is futile - I literally snort them!

It also helps if you sit and think about why you went off track in the first place, were you upset, angry, for me lately it's been tiredness, not being botheredness, a complete sense of apathy and just not making myself a priority.  If we understand why we're not sticking to our plan then we can find the solutions.

The main thing I think we all need is support, I know this is where I'm lacking, I'm everyone else's leader and I don't have one, I'm working on a solution to that problem.  Being accountable to others really can help us to stay on track, the more people on your side the better. 

So after all this thinking about it, I had a great day yesterday, started with dry fried egg and tomatoes on toast for 4pp, lunch was delicious, cod, tinned potatoes sliced and dry fried and pea puree for 8pp I really enjoyed it.  Kept tea simple, had a jacket potato (5pp)with coronation tuna (2pp) for tea, proving to me, I can make those portions smaller and not starve!  I finished my day on 36pp, I'm happy with that and am motivated to do it again today.

Today I plan to do the second of my walks, either going to go before work or straight after, having an audio book to look forward to listening to whilst I walk is helping make me want to go.  Loved the last one I've just finished "I let you go" by Clare Mackintosh, highly recommended. Yep I do love to walk, enjoy the view and totally block out everything but the book I'm listening too.

Mmm so what's on the menu today?  I'm thinking Salmon, Mediterranean veg and maybe some wholewheat spaghetti with that for our main meal, I could make it a F&H day and have eggs, bacon medallions, beans and tomatoes for breakfast.  Yeah I'm liking that idea.  See this planning don't have to take that long at all, it's the just being bothered I need to keep up.

I did an online shop yesterday to be delivered Saturday so I'm ahead of myself and have ordered foods that are all within acceptable ProPoints, I like ordering online because the nutritional info is there and it's bigger print than on the packaging when you're in the shop!

Right I'm away to get my paperwork done so I'll have time for my walk today.  Have a great day BeYOUtiful, remind yourself you're worth being bothered about xx

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