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Monday, 22 June 2015

Let's get this week started!

22nd June 2015
I dream of a better world where chickens can cross the without having the motives questioned.

Lovely day was had yesterday in our house, I started by cooking up some curries for putting in the freezer so I have food prepared for in the week.  We then went for a drive to do a bit more shopping, then had coffee in the cafe whilst watching the world go by - quality time at its finest.  I then spent a bit of time pottering in the garden with my book before having a lovely long lie in the bath.  

Of course there's lots of housework to do but there will always be housework to do and as much as I really do like a tidy house, all those other things we did yesterday are what truly make me happy, reading, gardening, cooking and most of all having a giggle in the supermarket with my mom who's looking for an empty aisle because she needs to fart!  Those things are so much more enjoyable than housework!

I've got a crazy busy week ahead, two of my helpers on holiday which will mean more paperwork to do at home, it makes me appreciate them even more - if that's possible as I already do really appreciate all my helpers as I couldn't run the meetings without them. 

This week's all about the energy, keeping my energy levels up which means early nights because tired is not something I want to be.  I'm planning on eating lots of good healthy food, starting now, sat here with a tray of raspberries and a pint of water, definitely shall be drinking lots of water and staying hydrated.  Did you know even mild dehydration can cause blood to thicken, forcing the heart to pump harder to carry blood to your cells and organs and resulting in fatigue.

One way to help those energy levels is to have breakfast, even if I don't feel hungry, studies show that people who eat breakfast feel better both mentally and physically than those who skip that morning meal!  I might even start having cereal as Cardiff University found that spooning up a bowl of breakfast cereal every morning is associated with lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

The one thing I'm not doing is exercise, I know that including some would give me more energy, so again there's evidence that people who do a low-intensity aerobic activity such as a leisurely walk three times a week had a greater reduction in fatigue levels than those who didn't higher intensity workouts for the same amount of time.  I can do that, so that's my commitment for this week, I shall walk today, Wednesday and Friday definitely for 30 minutes. 

I also plan to fuel my brain with some omega-3s, so it'll either be tuna or salmon for me as Omega-3s plan a role in keeping brain cells healthy and mentally alert - I need that!  It also encourage the body to store carbs as glycogen rather than as fat. 

The say listening to music is one of the most effect ways to change a bad mood, decrease tension and increase energy, so I reckon when I go for those walks, I listen to some tunes and lift my mood at the same time!

So one of the major things that apparently can help is decluttering!  Now I know this always makes me feel good afterwards, can't beat having a sort out and a clear up, so you know what, unless the sun shines and drags me into the garden  I'm going to have a tidy up, actually I can still have a couple of hours doing that before I get tempted by the garden.

So today's plan of action;
Tidy & sort office and bedroom
30 minute walk
Cooking butternut squash scrumptious for lunch
Chilling out ready for a busy week.

That'll do.  What you doing today BeYOUtiful? 

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