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Monday, 15 June 2015

Starting the week smiling...

15th June 2015
Remember that you’re doing this not just for the result but for the journey, too.

Well tracking obviously works, I've lost 1.5lb this week, that's what I gained last week, but at least I've got it back off, happy with that I am especially as if you remember, last Monday after I'd been weighed I went and blew 79pp that day but decided I wasn't going to draw a line, but instead 100% honest track and I'm glad I did, it's too easy to keep saying I'll start again tomorrow. 

So today, I'm out all day again, so food will be provided, I've decided I will eat what's offered but not eat just for the sake of it, track as best as I can and enjoy the fact I'm not preparing my own food for a change.

I actually did what I planned to do yesterday, I gave the kitchen a good clean up, nipped to Aldi for a few things for my meetings this week, cooked the Aubergine curry although I only ate a bit of it as wasn't in the mood for curry really but it'll keep a couple of days I hope!  It tasted ok, I expected it to be slimy but it wasn't, they aubergine was better than I expected.

I even managed to get half hour in the garden in the sun before the clouds took over, so finished my book, 'girl on a train', it wasn't the best book I've ever read, but it was readable and having read a review I've just realised why I didn't enjoy it as much as maybe I expected too, it was because none of the characters were very likeable, therefore I didn't care what happened next.  I've now got two more on my list, "I let you go", which my bestie has recommended and the next installment in my Shelby Nichols, mind reading investigator series, which is very easy to read but I enjoy them, they make me smile and oh do I wish I could read minds sometimes, it'd help me massively at the scales.

What I've realised this weekend, is I need my rest, I'm not lazy when I don't want to do anything, I'm just really tired!  I work long hours, don't get me wrong I love it, but it's hard work and so I need to ensure I get the down time needed to re-energise.  So more early nights necessary, then I'll have some energy for Sunday and Monday to do the 'me' things I want to do or at least to clean my house!

Speaking of things to do, as I'm out all day, I need to go sort mom out and leave her some lunch otherwise she won't eat properly.

Did you survive the weekend?  Are you on track and looking forward to stepping on the scales this week, persistence not perfection remember, we all slip but as long as we don't stay down, it's all good BeYOUtiful.  Have a great day and let it lead to a great week.

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