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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

100% honest track - painful!

10th June 2015
Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds - you can grow flowers or you can grow weeds!

Day two of honest tracking done, lesson learnt yesterday (and yes it's not a new lesson, it's just a reminder of one I haven't been doing!) is to plan my tea, better still have it waiting for me because by the time I got home, it was after eight and I didn't want to start thinking so I had some roasted aubergine on toast, cost me 7pp too!  Luckily I wasn't starving but I was still peckish and could've eaten lots more, instead I had a few slices of beef for another 2pp.  I could've had a meal fit for a king for 9pp with a bit of thought, I could've done F&H if I'd bothered to stop and get low calorie bread!  Hey ho, I fancy a huge salad today, need to nip to the shops for that.

The roasted aubergine is delicious, I've never been a fan of aubergine but roasted like this it's tasty, it's 10pp a jar, so not low but I didn't use a lot of it, only about 2pp worth.

This week's challenge in my meetings is to track 100% honestly good or bad, I know when I do that, I suddenly become more aware of what I'm actually consuming, it wakes me up to the reality of why I'm not really losing weight, or why I'm playing the on again, off again game!

I have some beef mince that needs using, so now I need to think about what to do with it, mmm I might make mince beef and onions in gravy nom nom, that's easy too, just gotta chop the onions!  That'll be tasty with veggies and potatoes, mom can have chips if she'd rather, I'll have mash - sounds like a plan.  Then I'll buy a nice big salad for tea.  I'll throw some peppers in too to get my five a day, veggies really make a difference to feeling full, it's when I miss them out that I really notice I want to eat the other stuff.

I have to say since I've been including a bit of fruit in my diet, my cravings for junk has definitely reduced, that's a good thing for sure, I also can't eat it if it isn't in the house, thankfully I don't buy it then I'm not tempted.  I let mom have a bit of what she fancies but not too much and she puts it out of my sight so I'm not tempted.

So my challenge isn't to conquer the snacky / junky eating that so many have, it's to realise I can live on less food than I am, I have a mighty appetite, I like a lot of good food, so my decision now is do I eat more by following F&H but not eating certain foods, or do I eat all the foods I fancy but less of them, decisions, decisions.  The beauty of the Weight Watchers plan is I can alternate, I could do the hearty eating with the odd day of F&H and the other stuff on a ProPoints day!  Mmm, remembering how it is possible to follow the plan and lose weight.  Now if one I could find a zero ProPointed wine, I wish!  But I can buy some Becks Blue, they're nice and only 1pp, they'll do or maybe I just have a coffee or a pint of water like I'm drinking now.

Which is more important a weight loss or a glass of wine.....

Let me think about that and whilst I do, you can ask yourself a similar question I'm sure you can replace 'glass of wine' for whatever is applicable to you.  Have a great day why you're at it. xx

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