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Monday, 8 June 2015

I had a smashing time yesterday!

8th June 2015

Be the type of person that makes everyone you come across feel perfectly okay with being exactly who they are.

Well I just hadn't got an go in me at all yesterday morning so instead I went and took my mug of coffee and my book and sat up the garden for an hour or so, really enjoyed a bit of sunshine at last.  I then decided to go to the shop and buy a paint brush so I could paint my bench, as I went to open my car door, I dropped my iphone and the screen smashed - not the greatest feeling in the world it has to be said, nowhere to fix it on a Sunday, the one place I didn't know said they don't do screen for iphone 6 plus and if they did it would be at least £150!  My insurance has told me I've got to pay £50 excess and send away for at least week and the apple store would cost me £106 plus I'd have to make an appointment and go to Birmingham - all hassle! 

I gave up with trying to sort it out and decided to go paint my bench instead whilst enjoying the afternoon sunshine, I had a lovely afternoon, my back garden in the sunshine is my absolute favourite place to be in the world at this time in my life, it's one place I seem to be able to sit, turn off and truly relax. 

Sitting in the garden without my phone made me realise how attached to it I am, is that a bad thing I thought to myself, I actually came to the conclusion I don't think it is.  It keeps me connected to the outside world, to my members, my friends and family.  Yes it's nice to turn to off and have some alone time but most of the time I like being able to be in contact with others, it's enjoyable. 

Luckily I have a love lady who's going to lend me her old iphone so I can send mine off to my insurance company, it'll be weird using a small phone again but it's better than not having one at all!

I've also gained at the scales this week, which is telling me I need to track, I haven't been doing, I'm eating really healthy but not tracking!  I also had my day out in London on Friday and we went to Frankie and Benny's last Monday so I didn't actually expect a loss at all.

100% honest tracking this week, on a paper tracker, that will be attached to my fridge by a magnet so I don't lose it!  At least if I'm aware of how many ProPoints I'm consuming it might help me stay on track! 

We're out at lunchtime, I've checked the menu, I'm fancying spit roasted chicken and that shouldn't break the ProPoints budget too much or if I remove the skin I could do F&H!  We'll see, as long as I track it, I can enjoy, I know damn well I'm not removing the skin if I have roast chicken! Let's not pretend here, but I can resist dessert because that always makes me feel a bit sick afterwards to be honest, my stomach just isn't cut out for pudding.

In meetings this week, we're going to be talking about those place that can trigger us to eat, you know the kind of thing cinema, passing a chip shop, and for me eating out with my bestie - that's possibly the one time I'm tempted to think sod it over any other time!  So wish me luck....

Here's to another lovely sunny day and staying on track!

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