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Thursday, 25 June 2015

I have to be prepared for today!

25th June 2015
There are seven days in a week, someday isn't one of them!

Survived another day, opted for Filling & Healthy yesterday, had my egg, bacon medallions, beans and tomatoes for breakfast, salmon, spaghetti and Mediterranean veg for lunch and a crustless quiche made by one of my members for my tea, thank Angie, it was lovely to come home and know my tea was waiting and I hadn't made it. 

The recipe for crustless quiche, 8pp in the whole thing!
3 eggs,
2 egg whites,
half tub quark (125g)
Any zero pp veg (e.g. broccoli, mushrooms, peas, sweetcorn)

You could add smoked bacon 2 rashers if you want an authentic quiche taste. (Remember to add more ProPoints) or use bacon medallions.

Mix the quark and eggs until smooth, cook in oven for about 40 minutes. I’m guessing about gas mark 4/5, I haven’t cooked it.

I went for my walk on the morning too, as soon as I'd blogged I popped on my trainers and got out there, so quiet in the morning, started my new audio book, bit of emotional book but I'm going to persevere with it as I think there will be some humour.

Now today is the day when I can start to go off the rails, by the time I get home this evening I've done 5 meetings and I'll be shattered, however I'm also down two of my best helpers so we're super short staffed this evening which can only add to the tired.  My plan, leave my purse at home firstly but also to have food ready and waiting to eat, to make sure lunch is so delicious, I'm satisfied and don't go looking for anything else.  I'm also thinking an early night, I usually stay up because I don't have to get up Friday morning but I'm always tired, so I will make myself go to bed early.  All these things will counteract all those excuses that I'm like to use that take me off track! 

When we go off track, we all do it don't we, have those excuses (reasons) that we use to make it ok, such as "I didn't have time", "it was late when I got back and I was ravenous", oh they're endless aren't they!

Not me today, I'm going downstairs as soon as I've finished typing this and I'm finding out what we're eating today, not sure what I fancy to be honest, lunch has to be for both me and mom, tea is always just for me, so I need it to be easy and quick - and filling.  At the moment I think I've realised I need to feel full, so maybe F&H is the way forward to a bit, or to make sure there's plenty of veg to fill the plate up.

Ooo I've just read stew on a facebook post, haven't got any fresh meat, I could just eat a stew.  That's actually got me fancying one though, I'll get the ingredients to make one maybe, or I could make a casserole.  Anyway enough already, it's 5.23am and I'm hungry now!

Better go get myself ready for work, it's my early start, I have to be out the house by 7.30am, it'll be eight tonight before I get to sit down and relax and that's why I absolutely have to be prepared.

Are you ready for your day BeYOUtiful?

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