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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Mmm what are your excuses?

23rd June 2015
When you got one food stuck in the past and one foot stuck in the future, it makes it harder to do a happy dance!

So my plans didn't quite turn out yesterday, I did go for that walk, had me an hour first thing, enjoyed it too.  Then I was put on standby to cover a meeting on the night for a leader who was at the hospital with her son, so I had to get all my meeting stuff prepared which meant I ended up sitting at my desk and once I do that I find things to do, so I pretty much ended up sitting there till tea time.  At least I'm ahead of myself a little now and it turned out I didn't have to go to work on the night after all.

Actually I've gone and checked my to do list from yesterday which was;

So today's plan of action;
Tidy & sort office and bedroom
30 minute walk
Cooking butternut squash scrumptious for lunch
Chilling out ready for a busy week.

I managed a little bit of all of them, I did the walk, I cooked the squash, we had it with grilled cheese on top, I tidied the one work surface in my office and I chilled with mom from 6ish.  I just happened to add in 6 hours computer work!

I also enjoyed a delicious breakfast before sitting at my desk, I had a tray of raspberries and egg and spinach on a toasted muffin, excellent way to spend 6pp, the squash only cost me 3pp for the cheese and then I had some curried beans on a muffin later for 9pp, but got peckish again later on so mom and I had one each of the last of the muffins and I mixed a slice of corned beef with some cheese and toasted it on top for 7pp.  I'm working out the ProPoints in the foods, now all I need to do is stick to the daily allowance!  I'm blaming the moon cycles, I just don't seem to be able to get on track at all!  However I will keep doing what I can until it clicks.  I think the solution for now is simple meals, keep it all basic, eggs, tomatoes, beans, that kind of thing that doesn't take too much thought, maybe a bit of salmon. 

Anyway I don't want to think about food this morning, I think and talk about it too much no wander I struggle to stay on track!

I know I'm not the only one struggling to get back on track for whatever reason, so agree to do what you can, you could start with a good breakfast such as overnight oats or poached egg.  Then do as many of these things as possible; drink your water, track your food honestly, go for a walk, work out the ProPoints before you eat it, measure our your portions, aim to eat your five a day.  The more you manage to tick off, the better you can feel about getting back on track.

Don't be too hard on yourself, too often people throw in the towel because they think they've blown it or that it's just too hard, this will only give you permission to continue to do even more damage!  So instead of giving yourself a hard time and berating your actions, use that energy to help you get back on track, focus on your next move, not your last one.

What are your excuses?  Recognise them, we all have them and I'm realising it's important for me to know my excuse when I hear it come into my head or out of my mouth, "Too busy", "Too tired", "I don't have enough time", what are yours?  Think about this one, if you don't have time to be healthy you better find the time to be sick!
Ouch - truth hurts doesn't it...  So here's a thought, recognise your excuses and then find your solution and let's get back on track. 

That's enough to think about for one day, mmm I'm definitely going to look at the finding solutions to the problems (excuses) I'm making, are you?

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