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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

There's a lot to be said for repetition!

17th June 2015
Get up this morning and remind yourself "I can do this!"


Good or bad? 

Every morning, I wake up pour myself a pint of cold water and drink it whilst waiting for my computer to boot up, I then write my blog, then when mom wakes up, I sort her drugs out, make us both a nutribullet drink and then make mom breakfast in bed.  Following that routine, doing the same thing day in, day out, makes it easier to remember what to do and therefore easier to get done.  It's automatic now, I don't forget to drink my pint of water to hydrate myself upon waking because there's a pint glass on my desk ready and waiting.

Losing weight isn't easy we all appreciate that, we have these ingrained bad habits that have got us to where we are at this time, and making those important lifestyle changes doesn't come naturally.  That's why planning and creating routines will really help when it comes to changing those eating habits.

The old you might be running late, skipping breakfast, forgetting to take your lunch to work and find that the rest of your day is just as hectic - this isn't conducive to success at the scales at all.

Or are you now at a point where you jump out of bed at 6am, do a 20 minute workout, eat a good healthy breakfast and skip out of the house with your lunch in your pretty coolbag and a smile on your face, knowing you've also got tea in the slow cooker which will be ready when you arrive home later?

If you're thinking "I WISH!" you know that latter scenario could very easily be your norm, all it takes is a little planning and getting into a routine, your day would run so much smoother with a bit of structure.   Planning helps us build our new habits, it's so much easier than constantly struggling and trying to decide what to eat, because you're brain will constantly go back to the old you, as it's spent more time being that person than it had being the 'new you' that you're working on.

There was a time I'd have thought routine was boring, I'm more a fly by the seat of your pants kind of girl, but I've realised routine has its place, I don't have to be spontaneous about everything, especially not how I get ready for work in the morning.

Yeah routines rock, they help us get that weight off!  I wasn't drinking a pint of water every morning 6 months ago, now it's my norm, same with my nutribullet drink every morning, I've now been drinking them for almost a month.

Where to start?  I'd say with a food journal, for a week or more write down everything you eat, this will give you meal ideas for your new organised, planned meals, the more you plan, the less you have to think when you're in a rush and have other things to do.  How fab would it be to have a list of meal ideas for you to choose from each day?

Come on let's get some structure, a list of meal ideas, a shopping list that's got everything on you enjoy eating, don't forget to include those treats you enjoy. 

And finally how about adding a bit of activity into that routine, move more - sit less, how can you ensure that this becomes part of your routine?  I know this is the one thing I'm just not doing, so maybe that's what I need to look at, how can I include a bit of activity and make it a habit.

On that thought, I'll say have a great day BeYOUtiful, long may the sunshine continue.

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