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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Where have all my weeklies gone...

9th June 2015
Never make permanent decisions on temporary feelings!

 Well we had a lovely lunch yesterday, I stuck with the spit roast chicken, I did eat the skin but left some of the chicken which Alfie kindly ate for me later!  You can beat a catch up with your bestie and a few giggles. 

Got back to hear doctors had called they'd had a letter from the hospital and they wanted mom to go and have another blood test!  I popped over doctors to find out more and the receptionist read the letter, in a nutshell her Hemoglobin reads 99g (whatever that means!) and now they want to do blood tests on her for celiac.  So let's see where this leads us, on a positive at least they're doing these tests and not pretending there's nothing wrong.

I've got to be really good food wise for the rest of the week as I used all my weeklies yesterday, lunch with my bestie and the Crown on the Wergs Road  is one of those 'situations & places' we're talking about in the meeting this week, maybe I should've got all the tips and ideas BEFORE I went for the meal!  Hey ho, we had a lovely time and I'm thinking Filling and Healthy for a few days and really planning meticulously for the others, plus quite a dry week where wines concerned - that won't do me any harm.

It's too easy to use what's going on in my life as an excuse to just eat and drink regardless, to say "sod it" and to go off track, I could use the excuse that "I've got too much on my mind" or "what's the point when you get ill anyway", or "I just don't have time to think about healthy eating", but ultimately they're all excuses and let's be honest it doesn't take any more time to cook a healthy meal as an unhealthy one, even if you want to buy ready made stuff, you can still make wiser choices.

So nope, I'm not going to use it as an excuse, I did last night so I could have some wine, but all that's done is used up my weekly allowance and meant I've got to put a bit more thought into the rest of the week. 

So what excuses do you use to give you the 'okay' to go off track and are they delaying your success, are they worth it afterwards?  

I want to lose a bit of weight because ultimately I know that it's good for me!  A friend said something to me at the weekend (it wasn't aimed at me, but it hit home), she was telling me at 10am on a Sunday morning that she was toying with the idea of going for a run, I replied 'I remember the days you didn't rise till lunchtime', and her response was "Yeah being overweight makes you lazy x". 

There was I sat in the garden with my book!  Only now I was sat there thinking, if I wasn't carrying this extra stone would I be sat here reading or would I have the energy to do something else?  I think it's time I found out, at least if I lose the stone, if I still decide to be sat in my garden at 10am on a Sunday morning, I'll know it isn't because of that extra weight I'm carrying around.  I need to know, if this extra weight is affecting me and the only way to find out is to get rid of it!

So here's to staying on track this week, no more excuses, no more "oh go on, one more won't hurt!"  Here's to a week on track and being honest with myself.  How about you - you in?

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