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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Be your own kind of BeYOUtiful!

3rd June 2015
Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs: the future can be better than the present, and I have the power to make it so.

What shapes your body?  Mines Beverley shaped, not pear or apple - I'm not a piece of fruit nor am I an egg timer!  Have you ever looked a someone or a photo of a person and said, "I want that body!"  Never gonna happen, you can change your weight but you can't change your shape, no matter how many hours you exercise, be realistic about what you can and can't change about your body.  I'm never going to be a Twiggy type or a Kim Kardashian and I'm ok with that, I probably wasn't as at peace with the idea when I was in my early 20's, I was too busy striving for a body that wasn't ever going to happen!  At my lightest I was 8st 7lb and a size 8 and I still wasn't how I wanted to look - maybe a number on a scale or a specific body shape wasn't really what I was looking for, I just hadn't realised that back then!

There is no such this as the 'perfect body' especially the ones promoted by society, by the press and the health industry, this 'ideal' body type, well it just doesn't exist, or rather isn't ever going to happen for the majority of people on the planet!  Then the generation depends on what they're promoting as that perfect body, at the moment it's a lean, strong female frame, back in the 30's women wished for a long, angular boy-like body with no curves.  In the Renaissance era, full figured women with soft, rounded bodies were adored.  Of course the 50's saw curvy Hollywood starlets take the spotlight and then the thin, lanky models of the 1960’s.  Fickle really society isn't it!

It's time to realise losing weight most likely won't give you any of these  'ideal' bodies, it will give you a lighter, healthier version of you own fabulous BeYOUtiful body though.  SO love and accept it and treat it well, take care of it, feed it with nutritious food, when you look in the mirror and see your reflection, smile at it and love it, it's much easier to take care of something you love.

Ask yourself, what is it that you love about your body rather than looking at it and picking at the bits you don't like!  What body part are you grateful for, what do you love and appreciate regardless of its shape or size, why do you appreciate that part more than another? 

The sooner you silent the self criticism of yourself and your body the better, if you have children don't let them hear you bad mouthing yourself, help them to appreciate and value their bodies, regardless of shape and size.  When thinking about your body finish the sentence;

I love.....

My sentence would be something along the lines of,

I love it all now, my strong legs that have carried me over many miles and help my fitbit earn me activity ProPoints to drink my wine (priorities here!), I love the scar above my eye which reminds me of probably the toughest part of my life so far.   I love my smile and my teeth, that's the part of my body that tells people most about who I am and what mood I'm in!  My eyes change colour depending on my mood too - how clever are they.  I actually love my belly because finally  I see it for what it is, a curvy, round part of my body as opposed to something that I've spent years trying to flatten because I felt it defined me!   I love my lap, it's where my Alfie sits and has a cuddle.  I've got good shoulders too, do I need to go on, I think not, you get the gist. 

I wouldn't have been  able to write any of that 20 years ago, I was too busy trying to change everything about myself, now I've accepted and embraced everything that is this Beverley shape, I'm finally happy not having big boobs, nor skinny long legs or any of those things I'd longed for at one time or another in my life. 

It's time to stop the body hate, embrace the BeYOUtiful philosophy, know that you're at your most beautiful when you're feeling happy in yourself.  Don't lose weight because you think you should or someone else tells you that you should, find your own comfortable place where you feel happy, healthy and completely yourself. 

Never forget that who you are now in this moment is enough, your weight/body shape doesn't define you!  Decide to be a Happy Owl, "Happy Over Weight Lady" (works for Lads too!),

That doesn't mean you haven't got to take care of yourself or want to look and feel your best, it means that you stop beating yourself up because you enjoy good food and maybe a bit of wine, it also probably means that you find it difficult to indulge in those things and maintain what the official BMI chart tells you is an healthy weight. According to the official BMI chart, for my height I'm overweight!  I still love myself and I'm happy, because it is possible to love yourself and be happy too - whatever you weigh.

Am I still trying to lose weight - hell yeah, I'm just not beating myself up for who I am now!  Neither should you. Xx

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