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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Rushing to pick the kids up! ;-)

30th June 2012

Happiness is like jam, you can't spread even a little without getting some on yourself.  Vern McLellan

What a busy eventful day I had yesterday, started with covering a meeting in Wombourne, it was supposed to be quiet but it turned out to be quite busy, I had to take everything upstairs and then I only had 1 lady helping so it was busier than expected ;0).  I did enjoy it the members were lovely.  The two nasty men in another meeting who blocked my car in weren’t so nice though!  I was rather proud of myself for remaining calm, and I'd been told they wouldn't move their cars till they'd finished because they weren't very nice, I told a fib to get them out and said I had to pick my child up from nursery!  Otherwise I’d have been shut in there for another hour and I’d got a lot to do.  ;-) I knew kids had their uses ;-)

On my way home I popped in the Asda and finally got me some wholewheat lasagne sheets, now I can make a nice filling and healthy lasagne.  I never did cook the roast dinner, I’d put the lamb in the oven before I left, and I didn’t get back till 12.30 ish then had to do all the paperwork we had bowling booked for 4.50pm so we treated the kids to a subway and I had a couple of lamb wraps before leaving, I gave Lynne the rest of the joint to take home so they could eat it today. 

Yes it most definitely was a busy Friday, I ended the day with 9pp on my pedometer so I indulged in some wine the first of the week, and smooth it was too. 

I’ve slept like a baby and plan not to rush at all today, I’ve got paperwork and a stock take to do but I shall do it at my own pace, actually that’s my plan for the whole weekend, nothing unless I fancy it, I intend to do what my mood takes me.  I’m hoping my mood will take me into the kitchen to do a bit of cooking and also a bit of housework, I know my mood will take me towards a glass or two of red wine, which I have the ProPoints left for, especially as I’m doing filling and healthy still.

Although yesterday wasn’t my finest day but at least I stayed on track, it went like this;

Breakfast – cottage cheese and a banana

Lunch – 2 lamb wraps

Tea – 2 crumpets, 1pp of marg from weekly allowance.

Snacks - 5 slices of roast beef from a packet & a few slices of wafer thin chicken.

Not the best diet day is it!  No veggies at all, I shall counteract that today I think by having lots and lots of vegetables and drinking plenty of water.

I’m still on course for a weight loss Monday so I’m happy, especially as yesterday was the first Friday me and Lynne didn’t go off track when we were together, we actually encouraged each other to stay on track – YAY we’re both in the zone!  There’s plenty of room here for more of you, just track for a few days, realise how much better you feel and come join up in the zone, you’ll recognise it when you get there, cos you’ll be smiling and feeling all virtuous ;-)

Right I better go walk Alfie in the rain, loving the summer mornings we both are!

Enjoy your weekend. xx

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