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Friday, 8 June 2012

Kids can be useful apparently!

8th June 2012

You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with.  Dr Wayne Dyer

Well it’s almost the weekend, it’s been quite a week in my household but as usual after a little wobble, we’ve rose above the chaos and continued smiling as it’s always a better option than the alternative!   I did smile last night at a member who obviously shares my attitude of trying to make the best of a situation and seeing the funny side as often as possible, she said to me I can’t stay to the meeting, there’s been another death in the family today, I wished they’d stop dying on weigh day!  Bless her we both smiled, life can be tough sometimes, but it never throws anything at us we can’t handle.

Meetings may have been a little down in numbers because of the holidays but they sure weren’t down in motivation and energy, I’ve really enjoyed them.  We’ve also got 6 members to goal this week, Denise got her 50lb certificate, another lady who remains anonymous got her 75lb certificate, and many of you surprised the jubilee weekend.

We talked about saboteurs and how important it is not just to identify them but to try and ensure you’ve got the support you need too.   One member who lost 2lb this week (most lost in a while) told me how last week she’d sat and had a chat with another lady she’d heard talking at the scales, they had similar issues and shared ideas and they both lost this week, so it shows, it’s not just your leader who supports you in a meeting, its each other!  

I have to share this with you, a member who joined last Thursday whilst I was away walked to the scales and explained she didn’t think she’d done very well because she’d been in bed all week ill so hadn’t been able to do anything for herself and that her 13 year old son had been cooking for her.  Apparently he’d taken her blue folder and read it and worked everything out for her and when she got on the scales she’d lost an amazing 6.5lb!  What a lad!  Now that’s amazing support, I’ve taken photos of her tracker because I was so impressed, I’ll print them out and put them on the back boards next week.

Another lovely idea to help support yourself is this corkboard that Natalie has made, she got all the stuff from Wilkos for a couple of pounds, and she’s put smily faces on the pegs and each of them represents a pound of the weight she wants to lose and as she loses it she’s going to move them to the string below, it’s a constant reminder that you want to lose weight.  I’m going to do something similar this weekend and put it on my fridge, you can get magnetic strips from hobby craft and I think I have some already somewhere, so I’m going to do 14 magnetic things for the fridge to represent the pounds I want to lose and every time I lose one I’m going to move it down to the freezer!  It’ll be a constant reminder of the fact I want to lose weight when I go to get something out of the fridge!

Back to the saboteurs we chatted about this week, we all agreed we were all our own worst enemies and it’s important to identify the times when we are most likely to lead ourselves astray or give into temptation and then to form tactics to cope with those times.  I have one friend who’s put her bikini in the biscuit tin to remind herself she really wants to fit in it for her holiday in August.  Some members thought putting a photo on the fridge might help, I even suggested making it mine I could be pointing and a quote underneath saying “Back away from the fridge”, or I could record you all a ringtone for your phone, erm “PUT IT DOWN”, lol, maybe not ;-)

Right I’ve got a busy morning, paperwork, vets with Alfie, doctors with Mom, B&Q, Ikea, we’re rock n roll in our house!

I’ll leave you with Mom's first words when she got up this morning (I’ll change the swearwords for softer options (red italics) but you can work out what she really said, especially if you know her!)  rubbish weather again, if anybody else says we need it, I'll really scream, do we heck!”

Keep smiling, it’s summer apparently ;-)

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