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Monday, 18 June 2012

I wish but I can't, I should, maybe later, it's so naughty!

18th June 2012

If you can believe it, the mind can achieve it. Ronnie Lott
Monday sure rolls round quickly and for a change it’s raining ;) on a positive I’ve just had 9 hours sleep, went to bed at 8pm and slept till 5am, I feel so much better, I was shattered yesterday after that long day out Saturday.  So yesterday me and mom sat around and chilled out, can’t beat Sundays like that now and again, or once a week ;-)

It’s great to see so many of you sharing your photos on our facebook page, I love what Sharon wrote yesterday which was “they say 'you are what you eat' but with me 'I eat what I am'...if I'm happy, my food choice is healthy! :)”

How accurate is that!  I was lazy yesterday and so were my food choices, I ate a lot of crackers yesterday because they took no preparation!  Today however I’m fully restored with my energy levels so I shall be in the kitchen cooking, I’ve just spotted a recipe for mini toad in the hole and I know there are some sausages in my freezer so I may do those later in the week or sausage, apple and ginger casserole (p48 members favourites) I might even have enough sausages for both dishes we shall see.  I love trawling through my cook books for ideas and now I have them all on one shelf it’s easier to do. Then there’s the lamb burgers in the new recipe card pack ;) mmm I’m gonna be busy eating, sorry I mean cooking this week!
Ooo sweet and sour fish, that sounds interesting, so much food, so little time and I wasted yesterday on crackers, doh!  Weigh day today too, I really need a loss, all of us doing the challenge want to look even more fabulous than we do now by the next Bank Holiday Monday!  11.5lb to go!  

To help us do that, here are a few words we could all do with ditching from our conversations!
SHOULD – why, because should is such a loaded word.  You’re telling yourself: “If I was good/organised/fun/caring (select as appropriate) then I would do this’, which makes you feel guilty.  Instead whenever you want to say should, swap it for the much more positive word ‘WILL’ as in, “Will this benefit me and the people I care about”, it’s an instantly less emotional question, so you can decide if you should do it or nor, but without the guilt.  Or instead of ‘Should’ say ‘could’ and that gives you a choice.

CAN’T – the word can’t tells your brain you’re incapable of doing something successfully, so even if you have a go, your mindset wills you to fail because you’ve programmed yourself to do so.  Eliminating ‘can’t’ makes it easier to take risks, so even if things don’t work out exactly as you’d hoped, you tried – and that gives you confidence to try other things.  It also forges resilience which helps you feel safe and happy.   Instead decide if it’s really a case of you physically being unable to do it or just a way to excuse yourself from something you don’t fancy.  When you say you can’t run 5k.  Ok you can’t do it right now without any training, but are you really incapable of putting in the hours or do you just not want to?
LATER, we tell ourselves that we’ll do something later when we either don’t want to do it at all or we’re too overwhelmed by the thought of it. It’s unproductive and makes us feel bad for procrastinating.  So decide to get the most dreaded task on your to-do list over with straight away, you’re never going to find a few hours to clear out your wardrobe but recognising that it needs to be don’t and making time or doing it a bit at a time is better than saying ‘Later’.

NAUGHTY, never use this word in relation to food; it can damage your self esteem.  Food is fuel, food is scrumptious, it’s not the enemy and it shouldn’t be a friend or an emotional prop.  If your body says, I fancy a cake, and you are hungry have cake instead of a meal!  Think about it, do you want cake every time you feel down, stressed or angry?  If so, recognise that you’re filling an emotional space with an edible substitute and deal with that, rather than masking it. 
WISH – hoping that you can magically transform into your ideal self – one who is slimmer, or has the perfect life is a fairy tale!  Instead rather than wishing, set yourself some goals to get fitter, eat healthier or find a new job.  Applying a more targeted approach to your aspirations means you can start to achieve them.  Every time you wish remember you can make that dream a reality, by becoming a more active participant in your life, rather than a bewildered bystander. 

On that note, I’ve just remembered I fancied chocolate all day long yesterday, it was from staring at that woman’s carrier bag full of chocolate on Saturday when I was starving at the workshop, do I still fancy some, right at this moment no, but later if I do, I shall have some and ProPoint it.
I’m off for a walk in the rain with my Alfie, yay flaming June!

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