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Saturday, 16 June 2012

It's mornings like this I wannabe a bloke!

How can something so small hurt so much? A bit of a personal topic maybe but sorry it's been the only thing going through my head since they woke me up at 4am! What your thinking, as you know I'm not a mother of two small children, nope I'm talking about my boobs! It's almost that time of month and they are so painful today they woke me up and I had to keep moving about to try and get comfy again. I've just laughed to myself as I've realised I'm being a little over dramatic :) but that'll be the hormones tee hee! PMT and all that.

Ooo that means I can explain away yesterday's food choices by blaming my hormones too ;). I can't really because I've been thinking and talking about KFC all week in my meetings so the seed was already planted. We had what we callin our house a F.... It Bucket! But unlike the bad old days I actually shared and ProPointed this one. Luckily for me my favourite pieces are the drumsticks and wings which are the lowest in PP and I had two at 4pp each, one portion of regular fries at 7pp, diet coke for obvious reasons ;) but believe it or not what killed off the rest of my weeklies was the corn on the cob I had 3 because no one else likes them and I love em and when i looked they were 4pp each - what they're only tiny lol. So it worked out at 27pp plus 2pp for a pot of sweet and sour.

Was it worth - hell yeah it was, I haven't had one for ages and I won't have another for a long time now but I was shattered yesterday after working a 49hr week. I had all these good intentions to cook lunch for one mate and tea for another but when the first one couldn't make it I did some extra work and went shopping instead and totally drained myself of the last bit of energy I had. So I had a glass of women about 3pm and that finished me off I couldn't be bothered to cook so I'll use the ingredients tomorrow instead as I'm out all day today on a workshop.

So glad I'd saved weeklies to cover that happening, and I think I've realised Friday needs to be a restful day from lunchtime onwards to re-energise!

On the bright side I did only have that one glass of wine normally I'd have more on a Friday, we were in bed by nine shattered.com ;)

Alfie's walking me as I type after that rain yesterday he didn't get a walk on the afternoon. I'd already got soaked to the skin a couple of times when I was out shopping. Once because Morrisons has too many parent and child parking spaces which were empty and all the other ones were full. Now I understand the concept and it's a good idea in theory but when it's being used by Ethel aged 56 and Tracey her 26 year old daughter that's not exactly fair, especially as the one none parent and child space I finally found got taken seconds before by none other than a parent with a two year old child! Lol I was laughing, but not at the same time, I think I'd term it hormonal hysterics ;). I eventually parked miles away and got soaked to the skin getting to the shop only to realise my phone was still in my car and I had to go back because it had my list on it and I wouldn't have been able to cook the meals for my friends without it - see I was planning on cooking! By the time I got back to the shop there wasn't a dry spot on me and I wanted the manager to put some signs on some places saying "you can only lark here if yr not disabled and not a parent". Better still one that had "weight watcher leaders only" on it. Yep I had a tad touch of PMT yesterday which makes me rather dramatic!

It also makes my Tourette's kick in, which happened when I got home ;) what caused that you might ask, well, as I was unpacking my shopping I realised there was only 6 options chocolate drinks! That normally wouldn't be an issue but I bought 7 of them for mom because they were on offer 7 for £1.50 or 38p each so if you do the maths you'll realise I paid more for the six, one must have fallen out of my trolley. This is all rather comical now but at the time it wasn't it was a major drama - yeah hormones rock!

Obviously the only sensible thing to do when I'm wound up like a coil and totally exhausted is to put together the piece of Ikea furniture I've just fetched. Makes complete total sense doesn't it to do something like that which will relax me!

Halfway through I realise I've put all the side sticks on the wrong way round and I started laughing realising that I'm being totally over dramatic about everything and I just need to smile, chill out and start again. I finished the storage box, poured a glass of win, planned next weeks meeting and you know the rest - it involves LFC and an early night.

This morning other than the sore boobs I feel great, re-energised and ready for my day, I've just got to talk Alfie into turning round and heading for home.

I'm not even gonna think about what the weathers going to do because it's going from sunny to storms by the hour at the moment isn't it. Whatever it does, I'm off to have an interesting day, I'll tell you more tomorrow!

Enjoy the weekend ;)

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