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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

3lb down, 11 to go! Bring it one!

12th June 2012

The difference between try and triumph is just a little umph! Marvin Phillips

Well I don’t know how but I managed to lose 3 of my 6.5lb holiday gain, to say I was chuffed was an understatement especially as I’ve gone back to a Monday morning weigh in and I usually weigh a little heavier if I’ve had a ‘good’ weekend, and the carvery Sunday certainly put it in that category!

So I made it through Monday, Innocent smoothie for brekkie (4pp), I know I could make one for zero but I like them.  Lunch was my home made broccoli soup with a 30g of Phili light in for (1pp), then tea was a huge plate of chicken, spinach and cauliflower curry (6pp) made using the Weight Watchers curry paste pots, had it with Tilda mushroom rice (4pp), for 10pp nom nom there was a huge plateful ;-)  We even had dessert, pineapple and banana with Greek yogurt and a drizzle of honey (2pp), I’d eaten a pear and a banana earlier in the day, had a few cups of tea so 2pp for the milk which meant I had enough ProPoints for the last glass of red wine (6pp) that was in my house and I ended on 25pp WOW, don’t remember the last time I did that easily.
I also made some cauliflower soup which was yak until I added some curry powder and oxo cubes, it’ll be nice now for lunch today and zero ProPoints unless I decide to add a bit of phili again.  I’m into the soup idea, once I got over the psychological belief that soup isn’t filling without bread I’ve actually realised it is!  My plan is to eat it every day this week just to help me get back on track, I need to not be thinking about my meals this week so its smoothie for brekkie and soup for lunch then a proper meal for tea, I’ve even got a few ready meals in the freezer I’ve pre cooked so shouldn’t have to cool unless I actually want to this week!

I went for a walk with my bestie last night, we’ve decided to get fit and train for our sponsored walk in September!  Nothing like starting big!  We walked along the towpath to Wolverhampton and back 6.6 miles, not only did it help me clock up an additional seven Activity ProPoints but whilst I was out I wasn’t tempted to eat and I had a natter with my mate, we caught up on life.  Really enjoyed it, despite the blister and sore feet when I got home ;-)
My Pedometer had 11pp on it by the end of the day, 28823 steps which was 11.82 miles!  I tell you what I didn’t go looking for my mattress in my fridge last night I was in bed by nine and I feel much more positive this morning than I did when I got up yesterday, even with sore feet. 

I feel really good again, it’s amazing how quickly eating and drinking well and getting active can affect your energy levels and frame of mind.  Yesterday I felt like I was playing catch up with everything I needed to get done and stuff I wanted to do, today I feel like I’ll get it all done and it’s not a problem.  Yep this dieting lark for me really isn’t about the numbers on the scales (don’t get me wrong it’s nice to see them head towards my goal), it’s about feeling healthy and fit in myself both physically and emotionally. 
So I have exactly 10 more weigh-ins before the next bank holiday and I’ve already lost 3lb of the stone I want to lose, so another 11.5lb to get back to my goal.  It’s good to know so many of you have joined me in that challenge, we can and we will do this because it’s worth it as are we.  Plus the alternative option sucks doesn’t it, lose a stone in 10 weeks or continue to gain – nah I don’t really like that idea at all.  I’ll stick with my soup and smoothies for a week, then I’ll reassess breakfast next week, maybe have something different, although I did really enjoy it and I wasn’t hungry until lunchtime. 

Anyway dog needs walking; better put a big plaster on my blister!
Have a fabulous on track day, we can do this!

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