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Saturday, 9 June 2012

a stone in 10 weeks - her I come!

9th June 2012

If you can drive yourself crazy, you can drive yourself happy!

Yesterday was very full, vets with Alfie, doctors with mom, lunch with lynne, followed by a trip to Ikea, there was some paperwork thrown in there too – I didn’t seem to stop, finally sat down about 8ish.  Luckily part of that day included cooking lunch for lynne, mom and her kids so made chicken in the Weight Watcher garlic and herb bags, I did peppers, carrots, courgette and mushrooms in another one and baked jacket potatoes, it was delicious.  Whilst it was cooking I made a pan of brocolli soup which I’ll have today, and also prepared stuffed mushrooms for today, I’ve used up the last of the blue cheese I bought when we were away so now my fridge is a safe zone again!
Alfie bless him has antibiotics again and I’ve got to put him on a gluten free diet to see if it helps his itching.  Mom is all good too, the doctor gave her some tablets which will hopefully help and assured us both that her memory problems are nothing more than expected for a women of her age, so she can stop worrying now that she’s losing her mind ;-) We both already knew she was crazy, she always has been, we like her that way.   

I think it’s really important to realise that you don’t ever have to do anything out of duty, or because you think you should or you ought to. That includes losing weight.  Do everything with love, otherwise don’t do it!  I hear so many people moan about their situations and say stuff like, “I have to care for my sick father/mother cos no one else will”, the truth is NO you don’t, there is always another option, the alternative might be a difficult decision to make but there is always a choice, and if you’re going to be a martyr or moan constantly or let it ruin your life, then choose the alternative. 
I’m more than willing to take care of my mom, it’s a decision I made a very long time, at the moment we’re still a team, but I’m aware that in the future that could change and I’m prepared for that.  We choose the path we take, you may not think you have but as there’s always another route you can choose, then believe me where you are right now is where you’ve chose to be – so if you don’t like it – change it.  Not easy?  Nope it’ll probably be very, very difficult! Worth it?  Hell yeah!

Look outside – YAY it’s not raining, me and Alfie can venture out in the dry this morning, if the little chap can keep his eyes open, bless him, he can now get on my office window sill via my desk since my change round so he can sit with me all the time if he wants too and right now he’s looking at me longingly, I think he wants a walk ;-)
I sent out a text message yesterday to my members yesterday;

The next Bank Holiday is 10wks away, I'm challenging myself to lose a stone by then so I can enjoy it, fancy setting yourself a challenge? Text me back & tell me what it is' I'll remind you regularly – Bev Weight Watchers.
If you don’t receive my texts, why don’t you post it on our face book page or comment on the blog, put your challenge in writing because that way you’ll be more likely to achieve it. xx

Right we’re off for our daily hours walk, catch ya tomorrow. xx

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