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Sunday, 17 June 2012

What would you ask the angels for?

17th June 2012

The words of the tongue should have three gatekeepers: Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary? - Arabian Proverb –
I can see the sun out my window this morning, I can also see great big dirty grey clouds but I’m choosing to ignore them and hoping they go away!  Mmm that doesn’t really work with the weather or life does it, ignoring grey clouds, issues or problems!

 I had an interesting day yesterday; we went to a workshop with David Wells called Past Lives, Present Themes, I suggested we did something different thinking a cookery class or maybe a meditation workshop and this was what Lynne chose!   I’m game to try anything, so off we went the blurb said we’d go on a journey that uncovers the story of your soul or at least part of it, this is time for you to uncover who you are truly are, the experiences you’ve had along the way and what gifts you have brought into this incarnation.  You also have time to look at what you would prefer to leave behind, acknowledged, healed and ready to bring new experiences into your life.
The blurb went on as did the workshop if I’m honest, personally all I did when we did the past life meditations was fall asleep, so I’ve come to the conclusion that in a past life I must have been in a long term coma!   When we did this partnering up thing, the woman who looked into my eyes told me she could see ‘a regal, royal, thinker person that everyone listens too”, so you make of that what you will ;-)

So it was all very ‘nice’ and the organisers were all very pleasant, we’d ordered  the RAW FOOD lunch because you know me, I’ll try most things, it was a tenner and it was very tasty indeed there just wasn’t enough of it, i didn't eat the chocolate raw cake because I didn't like it, so I sat there all afternoon starving and staring at a bag of chocolate in a carrier bag at a women’s feet across from me, if she’d have made eye contact I would have offered to buy them from her!   But she didn’t ;( so I went hungry, it’s not a nice feeling and stops your concentration, so we ended up in Pizza Hut and I’m not over my weekly/activity ProPoints and hoping for the best!  I had 5 slices of meat feast at 5pp a slice and bbq wings at 8pp – nice though and I’d only had about 2pp for lunch!  So it could’ve been worse.
Anyway back to this workshop, on the afternoon in a meditation we were given the opportunity to ask ‘karma’ to cut any links we may have with the past that are causing us phobias, unrealistic fears or issues in this life we wanted resolved.  We were told we could let go of the physical restraints of time and space, complete karmic cycles and start positive new ones.  We were also warned to be careful how we worded it because the ‘Karma angel’ I forget his name, took things literally and did exactly what you asked for!!!!  (I never use more than one explanation mark, but on this occasion, it’s needed I think) Now I didn’t go to this workshop with anything I wanted to resolve because at the moment, I’m in a really good place, I’m very content, I love my life, it seems to have as much balance in it as I can get right now without making radical chances that I’m not sure I want to make.  So I sat there racking my brains for something I wanted changing, and obviously the only thing that came to mind was my eating behaviour and my weight.  So I’m sat there, not really believing any of what’s going on around me but erring on the side of caution just in case, as you would ;-) I thought to myself I could ask this Karma dude to sort out my weight problem, then I asked myself if it was a problem and I wasn’t prepared to use the word ‘problem’, I thought but how would I word it, if I got those words wrong and said, “Take away my weight problem”, he could resolve that in more than one way, he could make my weight not an issue for me and I’d get bigger and bigger, or stop me enjoying food to ensure I stayed slim – neither of which solution I would be happy with.  The thought of NOT having a battle with my weight actually made me feel odd, I don’t know if what I was feeling was fear but I didn’t like the idea of not thinking about what I eat and my weight at all, partly because I realised I wouldn’t be able to relate to my members anymore because I wouldn’t share their struggle and partly because I was scared I’d stop enjoying food.  So I decided to air on the side of caution and not mention food/weight or any of that when we did the meditation.

Instead because I am happy and content, I worded my request like this,
“Release any negative binds that stop me from being the best person I am capable of being”

We then had to state to this angel what we wanted to be starting with “I AM”, so I said;
“To be the best person I am capable of being, full of love, gratitude, I am blessed.”

Yeah there may or may not have been an angel listening to me, but it didn’t do me any harm to realise and acknowledge the above thoughts.  I came away from the day realising, I’m not ‘looking’ for anything, and I’ve found what I want.  Don’t get me wrong, there was times in my life when I was looking and the lovely young lady who I was partnered up with yesterday wasn’t happy, she was stuck and looking for somewhere and I’m sure she’ll find it and workshops like that could help her.
The one realisation I came away with was ‘be careful what you wish for – you might just get it!”

Take from all that what you will. Xx
To finish our day, we went to the cinema to see Rock of Ages, brilliant it is and very funny in places, of the two events, the latter was definitely a better buy and much more fun.

Today I’m going for a normal day, I shall be cooking the recipes I was going to cook on Friday, taking Alfie for a very long walk and generally chilling out with my mom, followed by a walk later with my mates. 
Enjoy your day. xx

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