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Friday, 22 June 2012

Time for a change I think...

22nd June 2012
All we have to decide is what to do with the time we are given. Gandalf to Frodo, (movie)
Only just gone 5am and I’m thinking about food already!  Not because I want to eat but because I’m thinking about doing a Filling and Healthy day today.  Why, because last night when I was in my meeting I wanted to eat the world, I was so hungry or did I just want to eat – mmm I’m not sure to be truthful.  So I somehow resisted the 197 takeaway outlets in Bloxwich as I drove home (exaggerating yes) and made fish fingers (not f&h), mash and broccoli which did the trick, I was so full I didn’t want anything else.  I think my blood sugar levels are all over the place since my holiday and I’m craving foods I wouldn’t normally crave, my appetite is a little out of control, so my solution is to cut out the junk, and the bread because I know personally bread does not suit me, plus when I eat it, I eat too much of it.  Instead I’m going to eat F&H foods which will keep me fuller for longer and hopefully take the cravings away and the desire to overeat.  We shall see!  I just need to work out some meal ideas, and I need to be able to do it whilst away the weekend.  I thinking steak or gammon in the pub with loads of veggies, could even do carvery and not have the roasters or Yorkshire – ooo that’d would take some strength!
I’ve just looked and trout is on the F&H list so I might treat myself so some of that as it’s my favourite fish, it’d cook lovely in the WW zero pp garlic and herb bag.  I might have an omelette for my breakfast with baked beans, nice.  Then there’s wholemeal pasta and couscous, I haven’t had those for ages.  Yes this could work for sure, need a change, ooo just remembered I have some Tofu I can scramble too, think I will go have a mooch through the cupboard and see what I can come up with.  That crustless quiche recipe is f&h too, here it is just in case you forgot to make a note the last time;
crustless quiche, 8pp in the whole thing!
3 eggs,
2 egg whites,
half tub quark (125g)
Any zero pp veg (broccoli is lovely)

You could add gammon to it on f&h too.

Mix the quark and eggs until smooth, cook in oven for about 40 minutes.  I’m guessing about gas mark 4/5, I haven’t cooked it.

Yeah I need to get a shopping list together but not this morning because I have a busy one, but I might take my shopping guide and have a stroll round the supermarket after my meeting with my boss, and after my walk or run if I can muster up the energy it doesn’t get torrential with the rain again!

I’ve loved my meetings again this week, lots of weight loss, Paul got his 75lb certificate, a few got to their goals, Rachel got her 9 1/2 stone, Catherine’s a couple of pound off her 10 stone and one lovely older lady was so pleased with her 5lb weight loss she squeezed my hand so tight, I thought she’d crushed it ;-) it certainly reminded me I have a bit of arthritis in my hands lol.  Also talking about cooking and as you’ve all promised to try something new, then F&H can be my new because I’ve never actually done it.  I shall have a good look at the Weight Watchers esource to get more ideas. 
Right I better start on the paperwork, I don’t want to, I have that Friday feeling, but it has to be done ;-)
Almost the weekend – YAY! Enjoy your day. xx

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