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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Wanna a cup of tea?

14th June 2012

Morepowerful than the will to win is the courage to begin.
There’sa lovely pink sky out there this morning which may mean we’ll have a nice day,fingers crossed it does look lovely at the moment.

Anotherday on track, lettuce and potato soup, mmm jury’s out, it’s ok but I don’tthink I’d make it again, lettuce when cooked in a soup suddenly gets a verystrong flavour I really didn’t expect! When mom tasted it she thought it was cabbage soup so you can get anidea of the taste now I’m sure! 
Ihad chicken and rice again for tea, it’s to die for, I love that meal and willbe making another big pan at the weekend I think so I can top my freezer up asthat was the last pot.   The recipe is oneI  adapted and it will be in my next copyof Bev’s Bites which will be out soon to raise money for Alzheimer’s , so watchthis space and save your £2 ready.  Ifyou’ve got a fabulous recipe that you think deserves a place in the next copy,email it to me.

I’veloved my meetings this week, we’re talking about “getting real”, and it’s goodto acknowledge that things aren’t always great with your diet or even yourlife, it’s better to realise you’re not alone rather than sitting therethinking everyone else is perfect and you just suck!  Now after this weeks meeting my membersrealise more than ever the difficulties we all face.
I’vegot fish for dinner today, nice big piece of white fish that I’m going to cookin one of the Weight Watchers garlic and herb bags because that’ll make itflavoursome and juicy without having to think too much about it, I’ll have itwith courgettes and roasted butternut squash because those are the vegetables Ihave left. 

It’sgreat to see so many members buying the monthly pass and committing to weightloss long term, realising that it is a journey you have to be in for the longhaul, it’s also good that Weight Watchers have given them the offer this monthof £11.90 for monthly pass, magazine and packet of sweets if you buy it in themeeting – fabulous.  Gotta love a bargain;)
Thisweek sure has gone fast, and it’s good to be on track, I still have 42 weekliesleft, although I have used everyone of my activity propoints, it was those damnfig roll biscuits, they were scrumptious though and I won’t buy them again fora very long time, it’s been a long time since I last indulged.  Drinking plenty of water is certainlyhelping, and adding a slice of lemon adds a bit of flavour or a slice oforange, then I eat the orange afterwards.

I’mfeeling very content this morning, I’m a little tired because it’s Thursday andit’s my last working day of the week where I have to get up at 5am anyway, butas I’m sat here typing, thinking about what to say, the things that are cominginto my head are making me realise how lucky I am, I love my job and get greatpleasure and satisfaction out of my meetings, talking to my members, watchingthem succeed, seeing them cope with their struggles and come out on top.  I can hear Alfie and my mom both snoring andthat makes me smile because I know they’re both safe and I’ve just caught up oncomments on facebook from friends and family. Yep, my life is good, even if I don’t stop to breathe Monday – Friday becauseof the 50+ hours I work, at least I enjoy them! Not many people do this morning. Yes even if my mom asks me if I want a cup of tea every ten minutes andI say no but still end up with lots of cups of tea, it doesn’t matter becauserather than get wound up about it, I go to Home Bargains and buy Yorkshire Teafor £1.50, so every time she makes me a cup of tea I don’t want, it’s onlycosting a penny so it doesn’t really matter in the scheme of things doesit.  Nope how serious you make asituation depends on your reaction to it, whether a situation winds you up ornot again depends on how you react to it. You always have a choice so right now I’m going to enjoy the cup of teamoms gone to make me that I actually did say yes to this time, I mean I’m justreally fortunate to have someone offering to make me a cuppa ain’t I really!
Enjoyyour day, it’s almost the weekend.  Stayon track, you’re worth the effort. Don’t look backwards at mistakes you’vemade, focus forward on the coming week and how you can rectify them xx


stella stokes said...

hi bev-that so strikes a chord with me as after 40 years my husband still doesn't get the fact that i would love him to make me a cup of tea-those words NEVER come out of his lips-and it's not the tea-it's the consideration involved-ah well-off to make a brew-have a fab day-p.s. he does have his good points (i'm sure lol )

stella stokes said...

after 40 years my husband still doesn't get it that i would love him to say "do u want a brew ?"-just for the consideration aspect ! when i said i would love it if he made me a cup of tea when i get in after work(i make his meal when all said and done )he put me a tea-bag in a cup !! lol have a great day x

Pacific Institute said...

Great blog Bev.(as usual)you are so normal.have a good day.dx

Kathleen Appleby said...

Bad news, Bev, it's only Thursday!!

Bev said...

I did mean Thursday ;-) I just wrote Friday lol ! It's stupid o'clock in the morning when I write these blogs, anything could get written!