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Saturday, 23 June 2012

How happy are you?

23rd June 2012

Getting an idea should be like sitting down on a pin. It should make you jump up and do something. E.L. Simpson
Rather relieved by the dry sky this morning even if the forecast says it’s going to change later, but I’m set for every eventuality, I have a waterproof poncho and my wellies.  I am ready to stand in a field for 8 hours regardless! 

So my first day of Filling and Healthy was a huge success I think, I had scrambled egg, beans and tomatoes for breakfast, I was out and rushing about lunchtime so had a portion of chicken, I even gave them skin away – that wasn’t easy.  Then for tea I mad a beef casserole, mmm delicious.  I also snacked on some beef slices when I was peckish. 
I’m prepared for staying away from home tonight, using a Weight Watchers garlic and herb bag I’ve made tub of roasted vegetable & couscous (on F&H if you use wholewheat couscous).  I’ve also bought lots of salad, cooked chicken and fruit so that instead of getting the munchies and having a burger, I’ve got good stuff.   We will most likely have a pub lunch today so I’m thinking gammon with jacket potato maybe.

I had a really busy day yesterday, rushing here there and everywhere so when I finally did sit down, I flaked out, at least my energy levels are back up to full strength this morning.
I can easily count the people who’ve had a big, positive impact on my adult life and when I see one of them hurting, I feel it too!  Isn’t it awful when something happens to another and you wished you could put it right, make it go away or rectify it for them in some way.  Unfortunately on this occasion I couldn’t, so instead I just held their hand and told them everything would be okay.  I believe that too, whatever the situation, whoever the person, everything happens for a reason and most things work out for the best – I’m a big believer in Karma.

So if you’re going through a rough patch at the moment for whatever reason, stay strong and smile through it, you’ll find it makes the situation easier to handle.
Lightening the mood back up, one of the best rules I have in my life is to fill it with happiness.  In fairness it’s probably everybody’s number one rule, they just don’t realise it.  Think about it, everything you do is in search of being happy, there’s nothing you do that isn’t done to make you happier, or to avoid pain which ultimately makes you happier.  You work to earn money, to provide for your family and or lifestyle which make you happy; you buy someone chocolates to make them happy which makes you happy.  We subconsciously do things to make us happy all the time, so how about purposefully doing stuff.

What makes you happy?  I find my favourite music playing on my itunes makes me happy as soon as I get out of bed, spending time with my bestie like I am today makes me very happy even if we are going to get soaking wet, we’ll laugh it off.  Being grateful for the good things in my life makes me realise how blessed I am, and that then makes me happy too. 
Taking the time to appreciate other peoples actions and behaviour makes me happy, because for example if someone is angry, or behaves in a negative way, by trying to work out why they are being that way, I realise usually it’s not about me and I just happened to be there, so I feel better because I know most of the time they don’t mean it.

A great way to get a warm, glowing feeling inside which makes you really happy is to do a random act of kindness, just because it’s a good thing to do. 

Spending money on experiences rather than material things makes me happier too, don’t get me wrong I like my gadgets and I like to shop for clothes but really do you need as much stuff as you have in your house and closet.  It’s been proven that experiences provide lasting memories and boost your happiness for longer than stuff you buy, for example my ipad I bought made me feel great on the day, but now it’s just a thing I use now and again, whereas I can still remember the last time I went to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers as if it was yesterday and I’m smiling now thinking about that day. ;-)
So today, think about what makes you smile – and then go do more of that stuff.

I had my assessment with my boss this week and talking to her reminded me that I love my job, it gives me such satisfaction and makes me ultimately happy.
Yep I’m following my bliss – are you?

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