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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Didn't wanna come home...

3rd June 2012

Friendship improves happiness, and abates misery, by doubling our joy, and dividing our grief. Joseph Addison

What a fantastic week I’ve had, I haven’t thought about a ProPoint value once, I know I’ve gained weight and I’ll get officially weighed Tuesday but I don’t mind because we had a lovely holiday.

7 days in SUNNY Wales, yeah sunshine every day except one when we had rain but not horrible rain, that nice fine mist stuff, I’ve got me a tan too, that’ll make me look slimmer and hide the weight gain ;-)

We had a perfect week in every way, the company, the food, the weather and of course the lager.  I started each day with an hour walk on the beach with Alfie and Roxie, then I spent the rest of the day doing diddly squat and it was great.  We’ve read, we’ve relaxed, we chatted, the surprising thing we didn’t do was watch tv and I haven’t missed it one bit.

Alfie was his usual mischievous self, he went missing one day and when I found him he was in a farmers shed, behind a tractor and had a chicken cornered!  Picture the scene, a chicken comes running out the shed, followed by Alfie, followed by me – Alfie dives on the chicken and I threw myself on Alfie, the chicken got away but Alfie had a mouthful of feathers!  I’ve never been so embarrassed plus I took the skin off my knees and ended up with a lovely bruise.

Nicest thing I’ve eaten all week, a fish finger sandwich, it was lush, oh yeah and the chicken dinner was good too.  I’ve realised over indulging doesn’t suit me, I get really dreadful heartburn, so today I shall be back to eating sensibly and aiming for goal,  the holiday might have been a step back weight wise but it was worth it because weeks like that are rare and I enjoyed every second of it.  It was lovely to spend time with friends and my mom together, perfect week.

Now I’m back and oh dear where to start!  My house is like a bombsite, my brothers been doing my office and unfortunately it isn’t finished so I can’t put it back together again and I need to – boooooo.  Gonna be a long weekend.

Hope you manage to enjoy the Jubilee weekend regardless of the weather, I’m all holiday’d out so will be doing housework and stuff.  I’m working Tuesday so it isn’t such a long weekend for me.  Anyway I have a house to try and sort, so I’m off!

Happy Soggy Sunday!

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