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Monday, 4 June 2012

A nice busy but relaxed day planned...

4th June 2012

Treat, respect, love & care for others the way you’d like to be yourself. x

Out walking Alfie, thank goodness it's stopped raining, what a day it was yesterday I wasn't walking in that!

Well yesterday didn't go quite as planned and I didn't get back on track as expected but I wasn't dreadful either, I just didn't track anything. Had a smashing bowl of mulligatawny soup for my dinner though which was healthy, the 3 slices of bread not so good! Only had a few crackers for my tea though so all things considered not a bad day, plus I spent the entire day lugging boxes about, moving furniture and stacking books so must have earned a few activity ProPoints.

It really is good to be home although I didn't feel that way yesterday, got myself a bit stressed out and wound up. Silly really letting things make you feel that way, I believe getting stressed comes from taking yourself too seriously and thinking things matter more than they really do. I don't normally let myself get as worked up as I did yesterday but on a positive note it's reminded me there really is no need to feel that way at all. Everything works out in the end and if it hasn't worked out then it's obviously not the end. I tend to think to myself, a year from now will any of it matter and the answer is usually no - I forgot to do that yesterday.

So today I will get back on track I promise ;-) ooo I don't normally promise, now I'll have to get down to it and keep my word. I'm thinking a nice lamb dinner nom nom, so something light for breakfast maybe a bowl of cereal.

Another day of sorting and tidying today, that will keep me occupied and distracted before life gets totally back to normal tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to seeing my members tomorrow, I know it’s an extra bank holiday but I’m hoping you’ll all come and say hello, I’ve missed you. 

Right I’m home now, cracking walk and ready to face the day, enjoy yours whatever you have planned, resist temptation where you can, remind yourself it’ll only last a minute but the weight gain lasts at least a week!  Make sure it’s worth it if you’re planning to go off track.

Happy Bank Holiday Monday!

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