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Friday, 15 June 2012

Cauldron of canned tomato soup! No thank you!

15th June 2012

Do not free a camel of the burden of his hump; you may be freeing him from being a camel. G.K. Chesterton

Ooo that quote above has just intrigued me!  And it has a point, if you took away the daily battle I have with eating and drinking, I wouldn’t be me would I!  It’s part of who I am, my personality would be different if I didn’t have this passion and love for food and wine and I like being me, so I think I’ll keep my problem/issue/disorder whatever word that you want to use to label it, I’ll call it a personality trait I think because for me it’s welcome and anything that’s welcome isn’t a problem!   Yes having this daily duel with the weigh scales means I think about food more than a lot of people and I try to vary my diet, and eat a nutritionally balanced diet, so that can only be a good thing. 

It would also mean I wouldn’t have been a leader because without a weight problem I wouldn’t understand my members and that would make me sad,  because I have the best job in the world, this week I’ve absolutely loved my meetings, it’s reminded me that weight loss can be difficult, but it can also be a giggle too and it’s good to find others do the same things as you do.  The zero pro point soup cauldron on the cooker has made me smile all week long ;-)  I genuinely thought I was the only idiot that did that!  You go on a diet and get your book out and in it is a zero propoint soup recipe so you don’t just make a little, you make a lot because you mean business, this diets gonna be the one where you lose ½ stone in a week!  You taste the first bowl and it’s like “mmm, that’s ok”, you do have a tight smile on your face when tasting it!  The second bowl slightly sticks in your throat a little, by the third bowl you actually realise you’re just eating a bowl of tinned tomatoes with chopped up carrots in it!  You look at the huge vat of soup sitting in the cauldron on your cooker and shudder at the thought of having to eat another bowl.  You contemplate freezing it but then you realise in all honesty the first three bowls you ate were vile, why would you want your freezer full of vile soup!  So when no ones looking you throw it down the drain!   Hilarious and the best of it is, I’ve done it more than once, I now vow never to cook that soup again, don’t get me wrong I will cook soup, just not that one!
My meals were scrumptious yesterday, for lunch I had my fish, River Cobbler (aka Basa) and very tasty it was too cooked in my Weight Watcher garlic and herb bag for 5pp in total served with mushroom rice (5pp) and veggies cooked in the bag also.  For my tea I had the crustless quiche (8pp) that Di one of my members cooked me and brought to the meeting, I reheated in when I got home and it was delicious, she’d added mushrooms and spring onions to hers and it actually smelled like a Chinese takeaway in the bag, mmm. 

The recipe for crustless quiche, 8pp in the whole thing!
3 eggs,
2 egg whites,
half tub quark (125g)
Any zero pp veg (broccoli is lovely)

You could add smoked bacon 2 rashers if you want an authentic quiche taste.  (Remember to add more ProPoints)

Mix the quark and eggs until smooth, cook in oven for about 40 minutes.  I’m guessing about gas mark 4/5, I haven’t cooked it.

Because the cook books have 30% off at the moment, I was looking through them yesterday and  today I plan to make sausage, apple and ginger on page 48 in the Members favourites, and chicken and sweet potato supper on page 46 of cooking for one.   There are some delicious recipes in there I haven’t tried yet so I’ve decided I need to start cooking new recipes again, instead of going back to the ones I’ve made before and being safe.  They don’t take any longer to cook but I do enjoy eating new stuff, there’s at least 4 chicken dishes in the cooking for one that I’ve already got a shopping list for.

Right Alfies got to go back to vets today at 8.30, so I better get myself busy, can’t believe the rain we had again last night, although it does look like its brightening up a little out there, and yes today is Friday, even though in my blog I said yesterday was!  What can I say I roll out of bed at stupid o’oclock (5am) and start writing, anything could come out!

Have fabulous day. Xx

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