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Monday, 11 June 2012

Love every second of your life x

11th June 2012

Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.  Kahlil Gibran

What a fantastic day yesterday was, seeing all those ladies dressed in pink and raising money for charity, really was a sight to behold and of course the fact the sun shone all day was a super bonus.  We chatted on the way round and had a giggle, but the highlight for me was seeing Kim (the lady I was taking part for) just before the finish line it really put a huge grin on my face, she looked so happy, positive and well.  Everyone please cherish every special person in your life and every day of life you have because we never know how long we get. 
It was lovely to see so many of my members taking part and talking to them all it sounds like we raised at least £1,000, I know we’ve raised over £300 in my meetings so thank you to everyone who did dig deep, it’s very much appreciated.

Diet wise the carvery we went for probably didn’t help the weight loss journey too much though, especially as we had pudding too, I did go for Rhubarb crumble, at least it had fruit in it.  Isn’t it funny how we think a little bit of exercise will cover anything we eat afterwards – IT DOESN’T!
The walk probably earned my 3pp whereas the carvery well lets just say I can probably add a zero to that three just for the main meal, not including dessert!

The ladies I walked with and I have set ourselves another challenge, we wanted something that would be real tough so it is a real challenge, so it’s looking like a 20 mile hike!   The charity is going to be Alzheimer’s because it’s one that very dear to my heart at the moment, I’ll let you know more about this later on.  At the moment I’m still thinking “OH No what have I suggested!”
Gutted it’s raining again, as much as I can cope with it, life is much more fun when the sun shines, we’re gonna start our training in this tonight – boo!

I won’t lie, this last week I have not been on track, I’ve eaten as well as I wanted to (I was going to write as well as I could then, but I’d have been lying!), it’s taken me the week to get back into the reality of life after my holiday, but I’ve had the weekend to sort myself and I’m back on it 100% from today, 10 weeks for a stone!   
I’ve got me a smoothie ready for my breakfast and I plan to have soup for my lunch, then a chicken curry made using the WW curry pots mmm with mushroom rice for tea.  I want to have a healthy week because getting out of bed at 5am isn’t quite as easy as it usually is and I’m sure that’s partly down to my diet.  Lot’s of water today too, I’ve bought an orange, lime and lemon and I’m going to have a slice in my water, it tastes nice.

I had so many replies to my 10 week challenge text, so we better all get on it if we aren’t already, the summer will quickly go, and there’s the six weeks holiday in the midst of it, so we need to be prepared for that!  Start thinking about how you plan to handle the next ten weeks x
Have a fab day, ignore the rain!

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