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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

September 14th 2010 - facebook email

"Just living is not enough", said the butterfly, "one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower." Hans Christian Anderson

It’s 5.46am pitch black outside and raining – boo! I’ve been up since 5am and I’m feeling good, my back is in bits still, but I stuck to my diet yesterday so I don’t care ;-) I’m gonna focus on my diet, lose weight and feel great and my back WILL get better.

Yesterday I included plenty of filling foods, I had some delicious strawberries which were so sweet, I also had a smoothie for breakfast, a tasty lunch of roasted butternut squash, chicken and slunbushed tomatoes and for my tea I had smoked salmon, philidelphia light, asparagus and mixed salad leaves with balsamic vinegar. And I still managed to have some wine.

I was a little concerned I wouldn’t get to eat properly because I was so busy and rushing around but I made time, I chose food that was easy to prepare, the butternut squash can just be left in the oven and everything else was easy enough, the chicken was leftover from one of the cooked ones from Sainsbury’s. Now I’m all ready for day two.

I was happy getting weighed yesterday morning even though I’d put weight on because now I know by Christmas I will be back at goal – watch this space people!

You’ve gotta believe to achieve!

Now I know it’s still 14 weeks to Christmas so the Christmas parties aren’t quite here yet, but lets be honest we often get invited to parties, or go out for meals and I think its these times we can struggle most, so in such situations you need to ‘plan’ because that's what will help you most.

What you do to make a ‘Plan’ is decide what and how much you intend to eat, preferably just before you start eating. Try to picture it, and as you make that Plan, keep in mind how you will expect to feel after you've finished eating that amount, for the rest of the evening and even the following morning. So it's something like, "do I want to eat so much that I feel bloated, uncomfortably full and miserable, or do I want to eat less and feel energised, happy and in control?" So you make your Plan with that - what sort of experience you intend to create afterward - in mind.

Assuming you've made a moderate Plan, the real challenge will be keeping to it, because when you've finished eating a significant amount smaller than usual, you will almost certainly feel a desire to eat more. Keeping to your Plan will depend on your management of that feeling of desire.

The more you can use any opportunity to practice making and keeping Plans over the next three months, the less anxious you'll be feeling and the more control you'll have when the parties begin around Christmas time.

I had this test on Sunday at the conference, we had a buffet and on the menu it said the dessert was pecan and maple tart and I was sat there thinking shall I/shan’t I when Angie one of the leaders on my area reminded me that when I eat pudding I always feel sick and bloated afterwards, and I thought, “yes, she’s so right, it might taste nice but it really makes me feel awful afterwards.” So instead I had a bit of fruit salad and felt very proud of myself.

YOU too have the POWER to take control!

So let’s take charge of our emotions today and have a positive, successful diet day ;-)

Remember life starts now.

Are you living yet?

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