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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

28th September 2010

"To be awake is to be alive." Henry David Thoreau

I’m playing catch up today because of being away all weekend, but at the same time I’m feeling really good, very driven and focused after my super weekend. It’s great to be in a place where food isn’t a priority, when eating is something I’m doing because I’m hungry and not because it’s a mealtime. I only ate 2 meals yesterday but they were enough and I ate what I enjoyed, I made a delicious puff pastry tomato, mushroom, cheese and bacon tart thing which was scrumptious and for my breakfast I’d had a sandwich from M&S, and in-between the only thing I’d felt my body needed was a pear about 4.30. Now the sandwich from M&S was a New York Pastrami on Rye and it was 7 points – now in the past I’ve thought ooo I can’t spend 7 points on a sandwich! I’d usually have about 3 or 4 points for my breakfast but the difference was whereas I’m usually ravenous or at least peckish quite quickly, by spending the 7 points I felt satisfied because I tuned into my body, ate when I was hungry, ate what I wanted and sat down, put it on a plate and focused on it. By doing this I stopped when I was satisfied by physically and emotionally!

Try it today, ask yourself the question, “Am I hungry?”, then if the answer is yes ask, “What am I hungry for?” Whatever you choose to eat, stop when you’re satisfied. Of course these free things will take time to master, and lets be honest you may not always have the time to go through this process, if that’s the case, choose just one meal today or tomorrow, or whenever you feel your able to and try it. What can I say it’s working for me, I had the most fabulous weekend in London, I didn’t say no to anything I fancied but at the same time I didn’t just eat for the sake of eating and I came back 1/2lb lighter whereas normally after a break I’ve gained a few pounds! So that’s my story, you decide whether this idea could help you write yours.

I was reading a book yesterday on the train and apparently writing down the things in our life that we are grateful for is a very powerful exercise and helps make/keep us happy. So today I’m grateful for my Alfie Doodle who gave me the most wonderful welcome home yesterday and has just come to me for a bit of love which we interrupted this email to oblige and now he’s sat on my lap making it delightfully difficult to type as he has his head rested on my right arm! I’m also grateful for my mom who supports me 100% even when the tone of her voice tells me she’s not even 50% sure I’m doing the right thing. And lastly I’m grateful to all the amazing people that were part of my superb weekend in London and they were a long of them.

So what are you grateful for or glad to have in your life, or what happened yesterday or this week to make you smile? Don’t just think it – write it down, it’s the writing down bit apparently that makes it so powerful. Anything’s worth a go isn’t it if it enriches your life and makes you happier.

Oh one more thing that made me smile was the responses I had to my emails this weekend telling me to have a good time in London because I deserve it, it’s lovely when people think about you and take the time out to respond, so thank you to all of you for being my members and allowing me to do work I enjoy.

Remember life starts now.

Are you living yet? I am!

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