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Sunday, 12 September 2010

12th September 2010

One of the secrets of a long and fruitful life is to forgive everybody, everything, every night before you go to bed. Bernard M. Baruch

???? Do you believe me? I hope not!

Thoughts have no power over you unless you give into them. Thoughts are only words strung together. They have NO MEANING WHATSOEVER. Only you give meaning to them. Therefore choose to think thoughts that support you.

Today I go to my Weight Watcher Leader conference, some of us will get a “Diamond Leader Award” others won’t, will that make us any less of a leader, I choose to think not. Of course I’d love to get the award but if I don’t, I can be happy in the knowledge I do my best and love my job.

As you can imagine it can be a great deal of pressure knowing that all those other leaders could be looking at you and judging your size because after all “Weight Loss” is our business. I confess the last one I attended, this thought was at the forefront of my mind, I wanted to make sure I looked my best, this time however I’m not concerned, I’ve learnt to realise what other people think of me is none of my business. My size does not define me and anyone who judges me on my size, isn’t worthy of my attention.

So back to being a purple pig ;-)

Do you worry about what others think of you? You shouldn’t! Remember the exercise from earlier in the week, “I love and accept myself” well here’s another one for you, for the next month (yes month) say over and over to yourself, “I approve of myself”.

Do it as often as possible, 3 or 4 hundred times a day if you can. You can’t say it too many times. When you’re worrying about something, you easily go over the problem that many times. So this month make your mantra “I approve of myself”.

Doing this exercise will bring up anything that may be buried in your consciousness that is in opposition to this statement. So when those negative thoughts come up, such as, “How can I approve of myself when I’m fat”, or “This is silly, it’s not doing any good”. Whatever negative that comes out, take control, don’t give these thoughts any importance, just see them for what they are – another way to keep you stuck in the past. Gently say to them, “I let you go; I approve of myself”.

You may even be sat reading and thinking, “This is daft”, “It’s not true”, let these thoughts just pass by. They have no power unless you choose to believe them.

Just respond with “I approve of myself, I approve of myself, I approve of myself”, It’s a little bit like going “la la la la la la la la la” when someone’s annoying you ;-)

So what’s with the purple pig?

Well part of self-acceptance is releasing other people’s opinions. If I were to keep telling you, “You’re a purple pig” you’d think I was crazy, laugh or maybe even get annoyed. But hopefully you wouldn’t believe me!

But have you noticed how many of the things that are equally as ridiculous have been said to you and you choose to believe them about yourself just because someone else says its so! So believing that your self worth is dependent on the shape of your body is your version of believing that “you are a purple pig”.

Remember you are unique, and there will never be another one of you, which makes you a ‘PERFECT YOU’ you’re not meant to be like anyone else, your fingerprints are different and so are you. So be proud of who you are and don’t let anyone else make you feel anything less than wonderful.

So today and every day from now;

Think thoughts that make you happy.
Do things that make you feel good.
Be with people who make you feel good.
Eat things that make your body feel good.
And go at a pace that makes you feel good.

Just like I don’t need a badge to tell me I’m a diamond, you don’t need others approval to tell you you’re amazing.

Enjoy your day.

Remember life starts now.

Are you living yet?

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