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Monday, 13 September 2010

13th September 2010

The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good. - Samuel Johnson

Okay so we’ll take a break from the “loving yourself” subject for today, but I’ll be coming back to it ;-)

Yesterday I went to our leaders roadshow and this year I didn’t get a diamond leader award, was I disappointed, of course I was a little, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t, was I surprised, no sometimes you just know don’t you. But what I was, was inspired, it reminded me of what an amazing bunch of people I work with, I was also motivated, it reminded me how Weight Watchers works because of the team support, it really does. The whole day was like a super charged Weight Watcher meeting for leaders, and I left knowing I may have struggled all year with the battle of my belly but from this moment I’m on course for goal! I’m starting with my 5%. I seem to have gained and lost the same five pounds all year long, well from today, I know I’m going to lose the rest. And how do I know because yesterday I was reminded that “Weight Watchers WORKS!” So this morning already, I’ve measured out my pint of skimmed milk in my jug, I’ve already planned to have a smoothie for my breakfast and a piece of toast which I share with Alfie ;-)

It’s just over 14 weeks to Christmas and I intend to be back at goal by them, what do you intend to do. Because as I was reminded yesterday, the programme works if you do! Yes if you follow this plan you can get to your goal, if you stick to your points you will lose weight!

Yay, can’t wait to get weighed this morning, to put the last rotten week behind me and focus on losing those pounds – how about you, are you gonna lose some with me!

I know eating better will make me feel better, I also know losing a little bit of weight will ease my back and knees (god I sound 90!) so together with the Chiropractor and the meditation and relaxation techniques I’m putting in place, the futures bright!

Dark nights are looming but that’s all good because we can have good hearty stews and tongue tingling curries, which are both filling and low in points. For more on filling up on the right foods, don’t miss this weeks meeting!

Have a wonderful week.

Remember life starts now.

Are you living yet? I’ve decided to!

I know I usually finish there but not today, because also over the weekend I listened to an audio book called “Brilliant Life” and one of the things we were asked to do was write a list of 50 things I wanted in life, not just massive things, the small things too, and after I’d written them I remember thinking – what am I waiting for! Stop procrastinating (big word for a Monday morning) and get on with starting that list! I didn’t get to 50 things, because I was busy and didn’t have time to focus for long enough but I’ll go back to hit, but below is my list so far, some short term, some long term and some probably pie in the sky never gonna happen!

Be happy
Stop procrastinating
Get fit
Be healthy and eat well
Go for more walks
Pain free
Tidy house once and for all – mmm probably never gonna happen once & for all but I can dream!
Meditate daily
Read the books I own
Write a book
Do my photo books
Make cards/scrap book
Always have a fulfilling career
Get debt free
Holiday in Italy
Eat at a Michelin star restaurant
Learn continually
Pay mortgage off
Tandem ride
Train dog – this is the probably never gonna happen one!
So what would go on your list!?

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