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Saturday, 2 January 2021

Good first day of the year

Saturday 2nd January 2020
Results happen over time not over night. 

Like the picture says, remember every day is an opportunity, I had a really good day yesterday and would love every day to be so easy but I know it won't be, it won't stop me doing everything I can to make it so.  

Food wise this was how my day looked, leftovers as bubble and squeak, saving the pennies.

The I made a delicous spag bol which isn't usually my thing but I'm experimenting, added a couple of oxos to calm the tomato flavour down and I got a good 5 portions out of it. 

Instead of spaghetti with it I had 'boodles', now this was sent in my shopping as a substitute for courgetti, I'm so glad it was because I was really impressed. 

I'd most definitely buy it again, yes it's cheaper to do your own but this was great for quickness, 3 minutes in the microwave. 

 I am tempted to try making my own though, I've got one in the cupboard and a small spiraliser, or I think I have a julienne hand held slicer thing somewhere.  Here's a good page I've found telling you how to make your own; Butternut Squash Pasta | Food with Feeling

Then for my tea, I enjoyed a potato salad that was use by 1st, with some serrano ham, cucumber and spinach, so good.  

I think yesterday was the first time in a while I hit my 5 a day!  I also had a couple of black coffees, not done that in a long time either, and yeah I know caffiene ain't great but surely it's better than red wine!

Other than food, it was a pretty quiet day, my UW appointment got rescheduled for Monday, I went out with Alfie twice, not for long though, I did enjoy Doctor Who last night, even if mom didn't! We were in bed by half 8 and I've been awake since half 2 which isn't great, I'm lying in bed typing at the minute because it's warmer and you never know I might drop off again but I doubt it.

Now I need to plan my meals for the weekend, see what's in the fridge and use according to use by dates, then I need to check out every thing I've got freezer and cupboards and do some meal ideas so that I don't have to order too much online and I save some money.  

Off the top of my head I fancy; 

Cod in butter sauce, mash and peas
Fish fingers ooo could have them with butter nut squash baked chunks 
I'm sure there's a few frozen Marlies meals in there too, so goat curry as well as my own curries.
Jacket spuds could have one of the leftover spag bols on that
Sardines / Pilchards - I spotted them in cupboard yestrday, think I might have on toast for breakfast with an hardboiled egg mmm. 

Yeah I will stand in the kitchen and make a list of as many meals as I can, when I get up out this warm bed anyway.  I fancy a big mug of tea, that's the only downside I can think of to being single, no one ever makes me a cup of tea these days, moms not made me a cuppa for years! 

Well looking forward to my day ahead, life feels good at the moment, let's keep that feeling going I say!

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me x 

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